Follow this link to join 🇮🇳🚩महर्षि मेंहि परमहंस जी🚩🇮🇳 WhatsApp group: मित्रो 👬👬 का लक्ष्य उद्देश्य है हमारा =सभी सत्संगी को एक सूत्र मे जोड़ना विनती= बड़े सत्संग जयंती, महाधिवेशन, गुरु पूर्णिमा के दिन समय (सत्संग का प्रारंभ और अन्त तीथि) तारीख इस मे बताए जिससे सभी सत्संगी भाई-बहन को गुरु अमृत वाणी सुनने का बड़ा अवसर प्राप्त हो सत्संग से जुड़े फोटो और विडियो अवश्य डाले । पर**कृपया सत्संग से बाहर अपना या घर के या परिवार के फोटो विडियो पोस्ट न डाले जिससे किसी भी सत्संगी के भावना को ठेस पहुंचे**....................................................................(New Song🎶🎼🎵) Bilkul naya gana - Aankhen kholo utha ab Savera Hua Dekho Ye Na Kehna ki jagah nahiSong🎶🎼🎵)सतगुरु मेँहीँ बाबा आपनो नगर गेल एकSong🎶🎼🎵) utho Utho Baba Aankh Kholi (Original view) , MEHARSHI MEHI G KE AAKHARI DARSAN (SUBSCRIBE↔((🔔))Maharshi Mehiyoganand babaMaharshi Mehi stor(✔👍✔✔ SUBCRIBE ✔↔((🕭))Maharshi Mehi guru gaan (✔👍✔✔ SUBCRIBE ✔↔((🕭))Maharshi mehi Bidaai gaan (✔👍✔ SUBCRIBE ✔↔((🕭))5) Maharshi Mehi Bhajman gaan (✔👍✔ SUBCRIBE ✔↔((🕭))107th MAHARSHI MEHI (✔👍 SUBCRIBE ✔↔((🕭)) AMRIT GAAN BAGLA ME SATSANG BHAVAN KUPPA GHAAT (✔👍✔✔ SUBCRIBE ✔↔((🕭)) 107th AKHIL BHARTIYE(✔👍 SUBCRIBE ((🕭)) BIJAY KRISHN BABA PRAVCHAN MAHARSHI MEHI MAHARISHI MEHI GEET🎶 (✔👍 SUBCRIBE ((🕭)) 🎶KYA KAL KA BASHURI KI DHUN ME AKHlL BHARTIYE SATSANG 107th AKHIL BHARTIYE MAHARSHI MENHIPRAVACHAN (✔👍✔✔ SUBCRIBE ↔((🕭)) SATSANG 107th AKHIL BHARTIYE (✔👍 SUBCRIBE ((🕭)) SATSANGMAHARSHI MEHI BABA G ka AAGVANBEDANAND BABA PRAVACHAN (SUBCRIBE ((🔔)) MAHARISHI MAEHI107th AKHIL BHARTIYE SATSANG107wa AKHIL BHARTIYE SATSANG MAHARSHI MEHI PRAVACHAN (✔ 👍 SUBCRIBE ↔((🕭))107th AKHIL BHARTIYE CHATURANAND BABA  PRAVACHAN SATSANG MAHARSHI MENHI (✔👍✔✔ SUBCRIBE ✔↔((🕭))107th AKHIL BHARTIYE SATSANG MAHARSHI MEHI  GEET (✔👍✔✔ SUBCRIBE ✔↔((🕭))107th Akhil bhartiye satsang MAHARSHI MAEHI PRAVACHAN Barakar (✔👍✔✔ SUBCRIBE ✔↔((🕭))107th AKHIL BHARTIYE(✔👍 SUBCRIBE ((🕭)) BIJAY KRISHN BABA PRAVCHAN MAHARSHI MEHIBABA PRAVACHAN(👍✔SUBSCRIBE ↔((🕭)) SATSANG 107th AKHIL BHARTIYE MAHARSHI MEHIMere guruwar suno=• Satsang me aae logo ko hirdey se lagaae jate haiUtho baba• Meharshi meahi 133th guru jayanti santmat satsang• लूट ले खजाना गुरु के भंडार से (133वा गुरु जयंती) महर्षि मेंही संतमत सत्संग• अंदर के अंतिम तह मे गुरु है 133वा guru jayanti meharshi meahi Paramahansa Sadhguru• kya lekar tu aaya jag me kya lekar tu jaega 133th guru jayanti meharshi meahi Paramahansa Sadhguru• स्वामी हो दयाल की 133th guru jayanti Maharishi Mehi Santam satsang .(Barakar)133वा संतमत सत्संग• निजी तन में खोज सज्जन बाहर न खोजना Maharishi Mehi Santam satsang 133th guru jayanti.(Barakar)•

:Feral Are we done Muffin? This is pathetic, do you want me to Eat you? Because I will "Trash" .



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I want to see what happens to Ned after Tyler gets chosen

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the craite is a lie

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha his pants

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In my point of view North Korea is prison

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I wonder who's the panda

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I’m confused

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germany won

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Wow it cheerd me up

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2:08 have these guys ever seen lance Stewart try this! (he cut off part of his finger)

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1:30 the rocks from Brave?Hmmmm... 😂🤔

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tyler did almost all of the trick shots.

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What catch

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I’m depressed

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Watching these back-to-back makes Bond look like a serial rapist.

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I fear my mom for the smallest things

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Who is the panda


Can you do asmr now please

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Wow ....amazing

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My mom has asthma .... And she smokes... :/

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Yeah I have an addiction....😢

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I hate ty

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@SharpShooters27 and i guess thats why its called Field Hoop Percentage right?


Bart ass is funny

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Dam man why nip had to die Rest in paradise man Tha Great King Of La The Marathon Continues #ripnip

Ur hair

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Do a slo mo from :53 to :55, can someone with medical experience please tell that it doesn't look like his tendon snaps clean and shoots up his leg behind his knee?

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January 1 2019 anyone?


Me: no s**t Sherlock

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1:40 pants and shirt backwards, Lol

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hi jenna i was wondering can call in stores and sing the happy brithday

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Something I learned is that you don't have to be adopted to feel out of place in your own family. And you can be adopted and not feel out of place in your own family

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he looks like an alien💀💀

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Patrick Mahomes

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The Song Is About Being Alive:P


Hey, after living with it for 42 years AND feeling sad about it, my conclusion: it’s false messages, lies, bolderdash send by your brain. My biggest victory was to finally accept them, considering them as a whiny child to ignore. 95% of the problem is making a fuss about it. Don’t make a fuss and all they are is an unpleasant feeling. Tolerate that unpleasant feeling by not getting angry is a major key to live more freely. Don’t expect a cure, just tolerate calmly!


i hole you do more easter eggs