10 Minute Yoga For Healthy Posture - Better Posture Yoga Poses

Savannah's Yoga For Better Posture yoga video is a 10 minute flow in which she guides you through several yoga poses that can help gain perfect posture.Attention and love to hips, legs, lower back, and upper back will help you feel great & energized through out your day!Certified Yoga Instructor Savannah V, from Austin TX, guides this beginner friendly yoga flow.NEW EXCLUSIVE 1-HOUR LONG FLOWS AVAILABLEA PATRON & SUPPORT OUR VISIONOUR STORE FOR AWESOME YOGA PANTSare a couple more of Savannah’s favorites:Savannah’s Beginners Vinyasa - 30 Minute Full Body Stretch Yoga Class Bedtime Yoga - Night Time Practice For Sleep 40 Minute Hip Opening MiracleTX website: +: by Jim Butler: more about Savannah's practice: Copyright 2017 YogaTX. All Rights Reserved.

Robert Lassonde

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ToxicThe HeroHedgehog

Bodies in the water and then a Kappa. Thanks for giving me more goosebumps, Guru.

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[ iKnowEverything ] - Super Mechs

3:02 it says guru at the car

kaya mae

there’s a reason these people aren’t in front of the camera lol (bc they’re not as outgoing)

Reid Jensen


burak YAKIN

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David Henriquez

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friendly neighborhood nobody

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Christian Mogol

There's a parody of Steam,(I forgot what's the name of the mission ) in here it's called Vapor and sending messages on game sales

Ghost Assasin112


Luka Majstorović

Sold his own son for yt money

Alissa Resa

Doesn't it bug u that the girl in the thumbnail looks nothing like the girl in the video


once i saw this from some twitch highlights, i instantly knew Guru would make this lol

Lucas Esbenshade

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Sharon Lee

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Dynasti Official

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Gabriel Urdaneta

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I really was waiting for your video and I'm not disappointed you're the best.

Jaiden Horvath

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| Seriously, gurl why don’t u at least thank your friend? Say at least one thank you because she did so much 4 you. She got u up when u were down. U even wanted to make her come with u when she wanted to study for her exams just because u wanted to do something u wanted to do. Why don’t u think of other’s thoughts instead of your own? Even at the start your friend tried to warn u about ur exams u got her back. I don’t think it’s very nice to say “YoU sTuDy aLL tHe TiMe, yOu cAn PaSs ExaMs iN yOuR sLeeP” when ur friend TRIED to get u to do what she thinks is the right thing. You don’t have to judge her by that... even when she literally cleaned ur entire room for u, u said one thank u, it sounds so sarcastic. Even when she said she wanted to study, jeez, “WhAtEveR, jUsT gOoO!! I cAn’T beLiEvE mY fRieNd LeFt mE LiKe tHis” i can’t believe u did this to ur friend! I’m not hating, I’m just saying maybe u should realize your friends and other people’s feelings are more important than your dancing...

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Life According to Me

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Loves Heart

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