15 Min Yoga for the Back Strength & Flexibility

This is a vinyasa flow yoga sequence that intends to build strength and develop flexibility in the back. It's recommended to warm up before beginning this sequence. Always move within a pain-free range. If you love this sequence and would like to own it for when you are traveling or don't have a solid internet connection, it's available for purchase for less than the cost of a latte here: Top:Pants: Mat: more: Blog: forum:

Warrior WhiteWolf

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Coocoo theraccoon

What are the chances?

Super Star

guys remember guru puts his own easter egg in the video

Nicole Youmans

I love your video I think I can do it tocan you guys come to my House In Jacksonville ,fl

Samantha Campbell



Aliens Exist

Love the Cinemasins reference. ;)

So Rather than pardoning and negotiating with nature we are ready to fight.

Olli Mollie

Well done as usualy

Bisma Siddiqui

Who is watching in almost 2018

Athaya Mahira

Wow i very love frozen when frozen realese so i wonder see this movie because so cool i love you elsa and anna

Jack Baker

23:29 Furry head in the corner are you hiding something Ethan?

Yo Drizzle

2019 anyone

Marisa RO

My grams died when I was 8... You had the time to spend with him...

Oliver Connor

Yo do I have seen all your vids


Mittens from stamp50y


oh frick

Dinger Productions


AJ Bouwer

They should do trickshots first try edition

Jet Skii

can you do doom easter eggs as soon as possible pls?


Ngl I thought it was large erect dingle

Bethany Greene


Dokomei 12

Elsa was left behind... at 1:16

Victor Lara

Do more easter eggs

JakeDoWorkk Now

Cory should’ve won



Reuben Shaw

Whos watching in 2017?👌🏽


canada is in the usa -_-

Ls CoaXium

Do another Bloopers Compilation please

Reiko Evans

You should do more

pro maddness

gta 5 is all rockstar games in one.

Fayza sekatawa

Why do parents never belive there kids?!


Pablo Blanco

I am of the future


im singaporean and filipino but im tanned. so my face doesnt turn that red 😂


Kevins coming off an injury steven a could chk KD!

Zariah :D

This all started from a pain killer overdose……