16x9 - Getting into Cirque Du Soleil [Audition Documentary]

Ever wondered what it takes to be a part of Cirque du Soleil? Getting to be a one of a kind performer is no small feat. For four months, 16x9 followed Cirque Du Soleil scouts as they scoured the world, searching for the best of the best.THUMBS UP for our Cirque episode!

Ace Shooters

At 1:53 their was egg on the ground. Somebody dropped an egg

small bob

Coby coby coby wooooooo

Hello Kitty


eddie Roldan

Best day ever😄

SMD_ gofastgage

Roses are red vilots are blue the packers suck and the Vikings do to that's what a bears can would say

Shuk kiu Ma

Its both

Kimi berry

Who is the artist?

“Glog? “

Bumbo Jumbo

Im always lookin forward to netflix but uh... imma dude and uh, no one hugs

TOTALLY inappropriate.

Krist Bozaia

This narrative of Steph or the warriors playing bad is just a terrible excuse to not give Toronto credit. They’ve been playing ABSOLUTELY amazing defense

Hailey Ross

Her name is Ana.. And she had Anorexia

Gatial Raseta

Dat last scene

Tayo Potato

Let's play our secret game,


So when you fixed things you divorced him to teach him a lesson, after you said you didn't want to break your daughters heart... tf.

Michael Adrian

Whoo see Thunder?

Braden and will

Could I be in your next video

P.s. this is just a joke don’t take it seriously

The Self Adjectated Gender

1:01 I mean,its a downright stupid job but it keeps your paystub in check,right?

Robert Reiter


Austin J

I think that team red will win. Please respond to my comment Dude Perfect.

Honey? Where's my super suit?

I nearly cried.

Amanda Wells

Manaola is a revelation - gorgeous!

Inan Tosun

Eeeeeeey Whats Uppp ?? :D


Last one was pretty hilarious xD

Inas Ssne

My mom turned into a monster because of my dad leave us 😢

Mighty Sullibat

Remix stranger things is very goooooooooood !!!

Kyrie2yt Yt

Make mom trickshots

Elspeth Lock

Team Ty for LIFE (7:50)

3 minutes later


First 10 seconds



Ricardo Conde

Fucking will smith. Stop jumpscaring meh!

Katie Dallas

Annie Is The G.O.A.T

Alex N.

She mentioned having an adoptive family then having a foster mom... Did her adoptive parents give her up?

daredevil 666

Bascket ball

Ally XD



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