(1 Hr) Lively Chair Yoga Class with Tatis Cervantes-Aiken at Yoga Vista

Get ready to move, twist, reach and play as Tatis leads this one hour active Chair Yoga class filmed LIVE at the Yoga Vista Studio. Tatis includes sequences for balance, strength and memory! If you like your Chair Yoga fun and creative, this is a class foryou!For more Chair Yoga videos, subscribe to our Youtube channel at


I am living in Hong Kong but my parents are immigrants from Pakistan and I was sent to a non-Chinese school because I coped better with them but I was always bullied because I was the only Muslim girl to wear a scarf! I was ugly and a terrorist to them but later when I was in P5, I started to fight for myself and people were starting to stop bullying me after rumors broke out that I punched and nearly broke a huge and major bully who had legit no mind!(which I have the honor to have punched) Now I will go to a non-Chinese secondary school because Catholic schools suck big time and I am not afraid anymore because I believe in myself and also because I want to protect a few people I know who will go there because they are real weak(my bro)

Bangtan Vi

If this is for real i would wanna do it with my crush

michael mcknight

You seemed to throw a jab at spam, sure it isn't for everyone but if we are on that topic can you do a video making your own type of "spam" maybe try to make a better version?

Hodon Yassin

I have autism too. I know exactly how you feel.

Jay Resochristian

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Chintan Patel

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That's bloody amazing.Damn.

PhoBo 15

Who else noticed the Queen magazine??😍

Xtreme Games

Goku? Looks more like a dusty piece of cloth to me.

Trick shot Maniacs

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Ellen Avivi

My favorite baseball team is the Braves

Sunspot Marvel

I love how even after the second trailer they revealed nothing

Whindy Astuti

the shirt that shadow shifter is mega super duper dopeeeeeee


Now Ethan can say ARE YOU CRAZY? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? to his kid

Noah Fernandez

They made the pennywise dance because IT was made in 2018

Nasrin Akhter

Level 14 is hard


Xbox Minecraft is an Arcade game. On PC, It is an indie game. It was made by independent developers.

Noah Marsh

2019 fam

She was so helpless. She cried so much. I was there, when no one was.

Rui Manuel

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Germany going to win the world cup

five Eileen


-Edea: Laura Post

Theresa Clutter


Norm (Phineas and Ferb Robot) vs Android 13 (Dragonball)

Terri Hannah

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AluLoves Coffee

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Dragan Spaseski


Ashley Messing

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molly abrahamson

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MOBA Ponorogo

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Maddie K

I have terrible anxiety. I see a theripist monthly it can help.

Emma chamberlain:

• PixelChu! •

Plot twist: John Quinones was behind it all


1:30 is there gonna be a BRAVE crossover? Coz I would love Merida to show up on this.


Number Eight Though

Mr. Man

Who else has seen Thor ragnorak and love jeffPS whoever has seen the hunger games might recognize Liam as gale.

ปรียาภรณ์ พลอยขาว

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AnChannelWithAlmostNoSubs Arion

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Drew R Burton

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Auden Robards

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