24 trucos de cocina geniales que puedes usar en tu cocina.porfavor comparte este video para ayudarnos! gracias!!Lista de trucos e ideas en este video:1. Idea genial con pinzas para ropa2. Base aislante para ollas3. Truco para afilar cuchillos4. Dispensador para rollo de papel5. Cierre con popote/pajita/pitillo6. Guarda espaguetis en tubo de Pringles5. Cierre de bolsa con un clip7. Receta para destapar desagües8. Haz tu propia bolsa ziplock9. Corcho para cerrar bolsas10. Clip pinza para la nevera11. Base de arroz para cuchillo12. Colgador de libro de cocina13. Cierre origami para bolsa de chips14. Truco genial para palitos chinos15. Usa una botella en lugar de un rodillo16. Cáscara de huevo para lavar una botella17. Tu propio dispensador de salsa18. Truco de envases con botellas 19. Sellado al vacío20. Limpiar con limón21. Truco para sellar bolsas de plástico22. Cómo limpiar una tetera24. Reusar dispensadores de especiasmas trucos en nuestro canal:

Douglas Sirk

wow that basketball


How are you not gonna have Lisa the painful in this video lol


That was a very boring trailer...

Original Alex


For uf Xyxyx

Me Russian and me hate no... fack thy Germans!

Ira Norwood

react to the Tonys!

Riky Oktapandi

before its late, im gonna say it, your channel is such an underrated channel, your video quality is good, and i like your music taste, are you into video editing school or something?

Carlos Manuel Hernández Vázquez

My favorite part Is min 2:25

Bleu Guy

Oh, he's British.

Bryce Teoh

Erm.....not really, could you please explain the easter part of this egg?

Sophia Simpson

I don’t get how they don’t yell OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Flabbier Arteaga

there all drunk because of springbreak


I don't know why but i want to marry guru.

Doordana's what's up studio

This so sad.😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Matthew Gibson

you guys should try to see who can throw a football the farthest. 80 yards?

Christen Summers

I am actually really happy that they didn’t show too much and kept it vague. So many trailers just show the whole plot and ruin the movie. This keeps it interesting without revealing too much. It makes me super hyped for it without knowing the whole story, which is how trailers are supposed to be. Well done Disney.

Md Lipton

F2 ya

The moral of the story isn’t to not smoke, it’s to spend time with your siblings.

Prepare for panda !!

So my twin sister was like 2 and me and Claire have athsma she had a oxagin mask and i don't really remember much or that because I was 2 bur she is still alive thank god.

Lourdes Canizares

Ok, so all the comments I’m reading are talking about how this girl is a bitch. But...

Brennan Windross-large

We wish you a merry perfect and a happy new shot

Addison Tope

Yeah I believe that he can do it

Super8 Dover

I stood up to a bully, but it was a black man.


Stormi is so precious omg


Anyone else get this in there recommend

Demetria Robinson

when takeo got the last piece of the 115 Rock he said I got the rast piece

Miles Cunningham


I love you jungkook 😍

Elizabeth Stephens

May 2019 anyone?

Neph God


Authentic Gay Blog

There's no hope then! I am 50 and am completely alone with this, I've no family etc! I grew up in the care system in the 70s and 80s was badly abused and neglected pre age 5 which is when I was removed. Since 2011 I have expeirenced two cancer scares, two major surgeries, two redundancies, my house being reposesed and then bankruptcy!

But for me the glasses are a bit 'lame' XD

Bamboozled Crafting experts

Tye and his father

ع العبدالله

فيه عرب هنا ولا بس انا ❤️

The Banana Melon


garima Dahal

you need 3 trampoline

Steele Goodman

Name the shot the shooting star

(I gotta leave) Get down girl, go 'head, get down

Macyn Scherger

I bet i could beat ty lol


Don't worry guru I know it's hard as hell to do the dam Easter eggs let alone get the people to do it with especially when ur in high school =_="

Ector Rodriguez

Wow I don't have far cry but 15 minutes to finish the game that's unbelievable