30 Min Athletic Morning Yoga for Legs

A morning yoga practice for people who want to a bit of an athletic practice. This sequence is designed for the legs - the lengthen the hamstrings, inner thighs, quads and hip flexors. Always work within a pain-free range, and feel free to ask any yoga questions at or at If you love this and want it on your device for when you travel or don't have a good internet connection, it's available for download for less than the cost of a latte. More details here: Connect:

ColourBlind 24

that last one had the saints row easter egg giant bunny

Chris Ricco

you're gay

Matthew Staigle

LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A1-13 IS in Monsters Inc.


World best fan base! -> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fun-With-Guru-fans/594387700582497

Saif Mohamed

If you like the girl dislike this and if you like the guy like this

Justin K.

if i were you i would've made sure the teacher was Fired and the Bullies were Expelled.


99% of people won't notice me, but for the 1% who do, you are legends. If you guys could get me to 5000 subs for new year, it would be the greatest wish I could ever come up with for this year. Thanks :D

Hange Zoe

Explains me


oh my god there so cool with a panda suit, 2 minicoopers, and footballs, so pro

Alana White

i was recently in a relationship with someone with bpd and i felt i had to leave because he was pulling me down too far mentally (i have my own issues) so i left. now i feel guilty learning more about it but i feel like he would still be emotionally abusive to me? do i make up with him? i need help...


When u are lazy....

Bl Scott

The story in the cat journal makes me cry every time ;'(

Jared Morrow


Lick king ( I think I don’t remember)

Justin Casiano

Ty for Telling your story you changed my opinion on mental hospitals I always saw people on yt going to abandoned mental hospitals or a movie when a persons in a white soon in a room that has couchy walls basically your thumbnail lol I was really scared of those people but you showing me the truth shows me that I don’t have to be scared of them because they aren’t really crazy

Nikola C

I have depression, i harmed my self... but i wont tell anyone... i am scared

Manar Maiez

يا كيووووووووتي 😂💜💜💜💜💜💜

Aava Jii


Alicia Montgomery

team ty

Muhammad Rahsyid

Mobil kok mainan ppk

Heart1 Blast

Where do you do overtime

[] kalxpsia []

99% of the comments: making fun of the girl As for any child being forced to live in fear or being assaulted..... don't put up with it for an instance, report them to the police or child protection agencies because they need to be behind bars.

Devin Stone

johny is awesome

LiNc KiTtEnツ


Goat Three


But to be frank, who isn't?


green screen trick shot

Awesome Knight

If they made Elsa has a avenger then Disney would be very rich

Gabriel Hatch

who's here before 1billion views I\/

HeyIt'sRain QwQ

Hey, I'm lesbian

al ravijn Balingit

yeah pay 2 win lol.

This Jones YC

Guillermo already finished his 3-some 7 years ago. Living legend

JoneHD 777

He throws like a girl 😂

Miguel Gonzalez Jr

Sigurate dunk

Dustin Barlow

Holy shit when the rats started shooting I seriously burst out laughing!!!


hows murica' treating ya

If u do, vote here.

Khalil Ahmad

Sorry Cory

Iris Vega

Tik Tokers have entered the chat

Uzi Esparza

what are the collectables for?

Darius Games

Va sustin in continu

Paige Bilclough

Usanane bolt next

Kristen Miller

Babes i dont think u were mean i think u were FUCKING STRONG

Cole R E

Anyone in 2018

Adam Procházka

I am not a hater, but Florence and Venice are more beatiful in AC2 than Rome in AC:B in my opinion

Crackhouse Sehh

chieefff i missed u bro♥️

Fuzzy Bubba

Jonny is a rich snob