33 Incredible Cooking Hacks (re-compilation) in this video, you will see 33 great food tricks you can use in your home kitchensee 35 more here:


thank you

Sora Desu

What the hell, is that that Frozen movie I watched several years ago? That's so badass, I like it

Neon Light

Is meat unhealthy?

Rachel M

How was nobody on the sidewalk for hours

Evie Princess

8:13 is cool not cool

madden 91 brother

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Eddi Praetorius

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matt r

Am I the only one that just wants more megas instead of this dynimax garbage?

Michelle Danso -Dankwah

bruh I would have dipped so fast, he would have gotten a headache.

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anj loves you

What a beautiful family they definitely created a dreamer.


Madden Danowitz

2019 anybody


Something a little different from my normal uploads, I hope you guys like it. I like posting more to this channel, I really do enjoy making these. Anyway, Is there any chance we could get this video to 100 Likes? Your support has been incredible, even more than on my Glitching channel. Thanks and Enjoy the video.

4 you


Tartar Titans

Mum: am i a joke to you?

Kartikeya Verma

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Ruben Bolte

In the Netherlands


At 1:54 Tyler's nose looks purple

Maddi VS Asmr

Have a great surgery

Tim Fon



"Enhance Image" I'm dead

you see men are only valued for resources , we dont have sexual appeal or intellectual value to females , its some thing hard wired in to them for thousands of years , so why would a woman give away her freedom and money to be '' honest '' ? she wont , she has no incentive to , your video is cute but its also bullshit , the man saw what she was doing and sense he provides he controls , rightfully so , he is no demon , just a human turned in to a wallet , please dont make it seem like she a victim , you already explained how his mother never showed him affection , he only did what his father did to his cold mother , buy her with gifts , he reacted the same way and you even pointed out that he was 17 men at that age dont have anything usually , just a heart and a dream , all the young girls will be attracted to other more seasoned men who have resources and experience , while the 17 years old have to grind to earn respect and resources , so at that stage when they wanna pick a girl they pick some one who values them because they know how hard it is to get there , but for this unfortunate boy he didnt get the chance and he met this opportunistic leach who is good at pleasing victim and justifying her greed , if he is spending money on her to be a princess MIGHT AS WELL look like a princess and act like HIS princess , rightfully so , that was the deal and she agreed to it but under preformed because she wasn't objectively attractive , gooooood luck twisting that around to serve your story

al Moo

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Kordelia Pfeifer

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hassa hassan

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mortezaali mk

15:49 this dude at behind: god kill me


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youssef khirani

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K Centanni

Every video I scream at the screen, get to the point !! Takes him forever to talk


3:29 look at the door. It says Jeff toney under that it says mr.p. The p stands for panda Jeff Toney is panda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Filip Ducic

@FunWithGuru can you make call of duty 2 easter eggs

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Hockey Man

Ben how do you like Coach Jim


Marbie's face at 10:53 he looks so happy 😊


@ltcrtw1 it truely was epic


You guys are mean to coby

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Beauty Room Confessions

highfive if you've binged all of tatis videos LOL



Dragon Slayer

This is why I dont have Instagram, facebook,twitter,snapchat, and any other social apps....

Brendan Lazaroo

Did anyone else notice that at 2:56 and 4:11 Tyler is where they are building DPHQ2?

Maimo Moline

3:50 XD




Dude Perfect should do a stereotype school or a stereotypes work video

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