brooklyn todd

I have PDD-nos and it is a form of autism where your brain developed differently and not as much as everyone else I am 14 almost 15 and i go through so much shit and it is mentally tiring when u have autism sensory processing disorder and sevear high functioning anxiety and about to go into high school I know how it feels


cool video idea i really liked it good job

Nitro -_-

My name is Wesley no way!

If you feel like your giving up try to be more determined and try to talk to people you know that make you feel like they care and they will show you that they do even if those people are hours away

Tiaujanna Burnett-Moon

All of them our my favorite.

ZaD monkey

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Heather Christman

why does coby look like he has lipstick on

Mr magic turtle Vlogs

I don't like LeBron I like golden state

Isiaiah Plascencia

rams suck


1:45 Tyler looks sad af

malakster 101

Make it free and I will

Nikoloz Shavishvili

5:02they said they got three left and there is 4 peaople left :D

Brookie&KK ALL DAY

Tall guy beard twins purple hoser

Ben Peterson

Please make a second editors one

Pablo Guerrero

happy new year,FunWithGuru Lol

Benjamin Torri

You want 1000 likes,but you get 10 738:)

Bridger Brat

4 years later and they have fidget spinners

rachel berry

Omgggg!!!! In love with this conceptttt!! Twice queens of versatility!

Zalgo the Demon

When he drew the knife across his neck you should have pulled out a uno reverse card.

Garry Davis

The guy giving the rewards has my respect he is soooooooo humble

Mila Miela

netflix’s creators story

What's a awesome thing!!!!

LimerickLady WhoIsAQueenie

And here I am scared to get a freaking filling....

Fred Jensen

Anyone watching in 2019


Did everyone ok when the rage monster

Faith Garcia



@KidPlanesTv WHAAT!?

Thanks for reading, I hope this made you feel better about who you are!


This is so beautiful... the fear of death as being the same as fearing in life. I'm mentally exhausted from being afraid of tomorrow... only too busy trying to survive. One day tomorrow will come and I will have no time left.


Coby is a good human being