3 Yoga Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

These yoga breathing techniques (also known as pranayama, which means "breath control" in Sanskrit) will calm your nervous system, bring mental clarity and balance your energy. The three breathe exercises for anxiety described here are:1. Elongate Your Exhales2. Kapalabhati or Skull Shining Breath3. Nadi Shodhana or Alternate Nostril Breathing***I’m Caren Baginski, writer and 300-hour certified yoga teacher, and my mantra is “Where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be.” I teach yoga and meditation to soothe busy minds and inspire confidence.Free mantra wallpaper :: up for my free eletter :: Connect on Facebook :: I offer yoga instruction for all levels, the poses in this video may not be tailored for your specific health condition or fitness level. Please consult with your physician before beginning.By voluntarily participating in the yoga instruction given here or on carenbaginski.com, you are aware that participation may result in accident or injury and you assume that risk. You understand and acknowledge that you are fully responsible for any and all risks, injuries, or damages, known or unknown, which might occur as a result of your participation, and agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that you have now or hereafter may have against Caren Baginski/Happy Momentum LLC and its employees as a result of your participation.

Attacked Llama 92

I know how that feels my sister has type 1 and she's 7!!!!!!

The greatest country in the world apparently ...

Robloxian Gaming in the town

Who else regconise that this storyteller is from indonesia?

Evan Gaughan

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First trailer: ..... what the heck is this movie gonna be about?Second trailer: ..... Okay, so it's something about Elsa's past and powers huh? ... Still no clue what it is about. .... Great! Then I still have a lot to expect about it when it comes out!ODO


Lol I think the easter egg of this video is that this game is dope as fuck dude

Joshua Leslie

I never called anyone a moron and if I did I am sorry, I just pine for a time when GTA took itself less serious, wheres the tanks? Jetpacks? Monster trucks? All the fun stuff I miss isn't there and the gunplay is far quicker and feels like CoD to me I don't like it I hope you and everyone else here will love it. That is all I was saying. :(

Shreya Gin

I only shower once in 2 week. I hate to shower, but when I showered, Its take me 2 hour to get out from shower.

Drew Coffey

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Nathan Peker

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Berania Lopez

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Liliana 24

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KNX Luckyy

I don't get the one with splinter cell.


@Foges123 i think its for bobcats or mountain lions in case they get attacked thats why i bring a handgun when im out on land cant be too careful.


You spelled played wrong in the description

Exoticviking Hockey

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More plottwisty than the eps it is based on hahaha

Razel The Shepherd

my Favorite was the left 4 Dead one.

Abhay Gaur

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Gladys Time

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I want a video of Dude Perfect best fails

Rafael Iasbeck Dalcol

you forgot the Dark Souls easter egg: on the middle of the acid lake in the Caustic Caverns there is a small island with a giant tree on it. if you get there without dying you will find a bonfire along with a warrior named Solitaire (a reference to Solaire of Astora). when you activate the bonfire, a ghost appears sitting next to it.


Hey everybody quick question. Should I get this game, or battlefield 4? I just got an xbone and I have titanfall, but that's it. Which one will keep me entertained? Or how about another game all together?


Joshua Brownlow

McDonald won until Wendy came in.


Over the hedge

Zisis Kalogiannhs



I love it. No narration, no padding for time, well edited. It's the whole nine yards. Keep it up.

Caroline Vecchi

My favorite fail was Garrot in tee ball


You guys always try something new...

Jake King



i could probably easily beat that record

Cereal Guy

Not alot of people notice this but right after the high school chase, after the infected push you into the house where bills partner is hanging, it's the house from the walking dead game season 1, right after Lee escapes the police zombie, and bill even mentions that he "might know who has come through here"

Mihajlo Gavrilovic

Dude I can eat all the sweets without an issue + half the savoury

Pedro Barbosa Duarte

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Galaxy Unicorn

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Crouching Tiger

great video as always man!