4 hours Peaceful & Relaxing Instrumental Music-Long Playlist

hours of soothing background music for rest & relaxation.Listen on Spotify on iTunes Utopian Sounds gear::Mind-Travis A.KingNo Time Like Now-Utopian Sounds 4:32Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker (Kamoto Remix) 7:45Laced In Love-(Stripped Mix)Travis A.King 10:55Indigo-Travis A.King 14:17Creation-Travis A.King 17:12Utopia-Duke Starwalker 21:28In Heaven-Duke Starwalker 28:38You Are An Angel-Duke Starwalker 36:12Release-Utopian Sounds 41:03Mosaic-Duke Starwalker 51:14Tropical Getaway-Duke Starwalker 56:11Journey To Source-Duke Starwalker 1:38:03Fantasy Island-Duke Starwalker 1:53:42Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker 2:52:33Jungle Lullaby-Duke Starwalker 3:29:00Spindles-Utopian Sounds 3:44:25Paradox-Utopian Sounds 3:54:00on Instagram: the following albums:Utopian Sounds-Equilibrium Starwalker-Ultimate RelaxationSounds-Road To BlissSounds-No Time Like Now

Sammy Albano


Julian Aragon

Why can't the blond call the cops because she couldn't find the 11


4:10 listen closely ty says what r u doing? And Cody says sticking steak baby


What is the childish gambino song called?

Bubba Doo

Please do yeasty mac and cheese from Milo Murphy's Law.

Fabricio Martín

Gurukid always makes videogames look surprisingly satisfying to watch.

Sabah Amal

Lifetime torment. 😨🇦🇺

HSG YourBooty


Caoimhe Madden



You can see Shane is trying so hard to not laugh when he's reading the line 3:11

Hennessy Diaz

Kewl Idc

true doe

Maddy Howarth

A sweet red head boy


Jawbreaker review! 💜

Wedding Table

da rainbow poop tho



oxAuthor Alicexo

Noooooooooooooooo! 5

Absolute Newb

Girl from story: A sweet, red head boy

Mak Vane

Red Read Redemption is the best game ever made by anyone

hana r

this is so stupidly common im sobbing over this because someone had put this into words. im a little relieved to find out that im not the only one, but i hope that no one else has to experience these. it really does hurt i hope that these parents would just open their eyes and see how it is for once

alan holden

You and team edge should meet like this vid if you win .

Abdiel Ath

5:51 thx For the warning

Ryan Razon

When like everyone tries to break your record win less than two months after you break it

Madara Bogdānova

Everything would of been fine if he would of said - no homo

Ethan Ender Nguyen

He already did this absurd recurd


i love your face guru


Is it me or are all the “cute” people named Jonas?

Arbiter Boss man

I don't under stand number 7

Gacha Girl

Maybe this dude was supposed to have brown hair, but it got mixed with Jarred


Noe Hdez

felicidades por la vida que tienes pero hay gente que se muere de hambre o ahogados en el atlántico

J Laksmono

wow your editing skill is.. making me speechless, can you make a video teaching how to do it? or is it a top secret lol

John Henson



Shrooms! :3


Garrett: 6 mm shovelGarrett: the yellow oneMe: but i thought you where a purple hoser

RAPorter Hunt

2019 anyone


My wife is like a dog that you mention ❤️

Peely Banana


silly cyborg

how many attempts do you do


6:16 that dog looks like my dog

Ali Haydar Demirkol

Yeah nice song :D


I have OCD too