#5 Frikadellen mit Pilz-Sahne-Soße aus dem Dutch Oven

Zutaten für Frikadellen:500g Hackfleisch1 altbackenes Brötchen100-150ml lauwarme Milch1 ZwiebelParmesanSalz,Pfeffer,Paprika edelsüß,Knoblauchgranulat oder frischen KnobiSenfGehackte Blattpetersilie1 EiRestliche Zutaten:1 P. Bandnudeln1 Zweig frisches RosmarinGehackte glatte PetersilieSalz,Pfeffer,Steinpilz Rub1 El Wacholderbeeren nicht Lorbeeren,wie ich beim Mörser sagte 🙈1 Zwiebelca 2 gehäufte El MehlSauerrahm 100-150g400ml Sahne100ml trockenen Weißwein 400-450ml Brühe/Fleischbrühe oder Fond700g gemischte Pilze3 Karottenca

Maryjane vaca

Am I the only one who got a weird vibe from their doctor he was Lowkey seemed like he did not wanna be there🙄


that limbo easter egg is so small



Scott Hinojosa

Can we all agree that this video should not be on trending.

Lorenzo Croce

I guessed Lord of the rings before Cory!

I'ma stretch her back like a limousine

Faris Tahir

big joe


"Let's get crackin as I like to say."

Ron Dominic Dela Cruz

Can you do paper airplane trick shot?


Your Waifu Sucks



Why did they bleep out bullying!!???????


Wow her first phone was an iphone and mine is just an old samsung phone😭


I cant cover for him any more he has definitely been a huge let down in the finals for years and this year is really showing that but they took game 5 he can turn his legacy around if he himself along with help from klay who claims when wants big money but has not been showing it as of late but back to steph he can right this wrong just needs to win the series and he has more then enough i dont like lebron but if he had this team hed have wont the series already

Purple Hoser🕺🏻

Josh Alexander

5:34 Garret: I don't want u Rob any banks with my face

Briannah Arseneau

What’s they beep out the word bullying/bully

Gia Doan

Team coby

Otterly pie

Plot twist: that guy wanted her brothers toy

Katelyn Fabra


Эдуард Фарманов

Кто из рашки смотрит?


Are you ever going to do a face reveal

Thanh Vu

hi dude perfect i love your vids and i sub but can you do a 360 jump and shoot an arow into a basket

Alyssa Rivera


Brandon McBride

April 2019

Stephen Richardson

Dude. That missing dog picture beside the door in Saints Row IV was fucking Smile Dog

Marui Kawaii

wow at the trigger of 5 cakes that's not the house on the new hitman ? when you need to kill victor novikov

ZEUS Official

Saya suka itu

Jokty 12

Hey, gal


Watching GOT in S05

liz g.m

Not to be mean, but if she knew she had asthma why continue smoking and also she had her babies,,probably she didn't think it was going to get worse.I hate the smell of smoke I feel like throwing up or I get a headache,,people need to stop smoking is for there own health. Hopefully the little babies can remember there mom when they grow up

Cody Wolf

I’m not good enough

Kyla Phillpotts

Teddy Klein is huuuuuuuge!!

Chase Films

Who would ever dislike this?!

bryce cooke

nerf war


The easter egg with the "goldberg variation" isn't just a link to the hannibal series but to the character hannibal lecter himself.


Uhm..Got some news for you..

David lin


Nonny _Mos

The best position was the 69😐

Far A.R.

The Childs of Prophecy is back

Rounak Roy

Anxious type here...

Scruffy360x Sanchez

Someone call Dr.Phil


if they could make this a mmo