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Alpha Fun X3

I fell bad for you and her 😭😭😭😭😭😰😱🙏🙏🙏

Muni Koteswararao Akkina


ACiiD 52

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Sometimes when you hit the nitrous Chumbucket shouts 'Freedom' - Braveheart reference ?


What’s the point in trying to be happy when life will screw you over

Fahmi Syahladin

Battle fishing Piranha

Thomas Smith

Took a shor

NF:A shopping cart


i legit just left New York about a day ago.... god, rest in peace pilot....this is horrible.. but, to be flying in weather such as that would most likely result in a crash, and it did.. but the pilot was experienced, so it was probably a fault with the helicopter itself...still, this is terrible

OMG Thank you for the likes!


Long snappers are people too but no one thanks them.

Danielle Constantino

Never seen dude perfect like and pin a comment let’s see them do it on this one.

Luna Lovegood

She said she was doing math homework then I remember I need to do mine...

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Sniper Gamez

Who is watching 4/27/18

1% of the comments - other stuff

James E

Day one purchase.

videos is 7 minutes long

meghan maceachern

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This one is good but The Cure To loneliness is better

Aiden Stark

You guys are awesome

Chloe Mcleod

Just saying better than jake Paul’s world record


Anyone 2017?

They can't use crash bandicoot in any shape or form without permission of the copyright holder (Activision).

Hunter Edwards

Should have signed off with hat throw then noggin then pound it

ColorguardGirl _Kay

Watch Ty in the back at 3:13

will s-jones

Guru... I love you dude :')

Thanos Pods

logan paul 2.0



Jessie Quinonez

Enjoy watching your channel dude keep making awesome Easter egg videos

Alay Galvankar

Cody 200 iq play