(9) Spiedini di Pollo al Sesamo

Teneri spiedini ideali come antipasto!!

Mia Hadria

My mom is actually used to have one of the best Rated trainers in our area and Told my mom That she couldn't cut off carbs so she could lose weight because you need carb for your body

Beast bőý100

Next song :pop out again again 😂

Ryan Hei Chit Leung

Purple hosers the best


Man I gotta say, the American Dream Easter egg is probably one of my all time favourites. I've never played the game and don't plan to, but I love that in a serious game you can drive a couch and have three other guys shooting off it. Just completely ridiculous but awesome

Mohammed Tazeem

two tyre wheelie

Justice Lee

I like lights out

kimberly Dain

Dp vs avengers

oğulcan reşat

Best easter egg ever.

Jay B

Making consoles into PCs... Cross-Platform sounds good, but as a Destiny player, MAK is so much "easier" than a controller... Now consolers are using MAK on console... So with better processors, they're just going to be a PC in a console-looking box.

Hood TM

Like for a part two!!

Enzo413 ツ

I thought this was a kids movie 😂

Lancaster's Finest


Peyton Brady

Hey cody Ur gloves look insane 0:02Like 8

Noah Schneider

Check out our groups trick shots!!!

Rumayza Bashir

Shouldn't him and his brother should be dead!!!!

Torix Kenan

at elsbourg ... i dont know how its called in english

Thomas Perkins

About paddle

Thanks and regards

goodbye fallout. may fallout 4 hold your torch.

Auritz Etxebeste

lo mejor a sido el del transformer la bala no se beia

Ohyea hyeah

White hopsin?

Patrik Földházi

2:26 music?


Wooooww come on is it that hard to know that breaking bad takes place over 2 fucking years not 5...in the first episode its his 50th birthday and on the last episode is within a couple days of his 52nd birthday

Tate Games


Matthew Gut

I like planes. That 737 was the best part of the video. I wish I could sit in the cockpit!!

SniperrDDoodle 0000

can someone tell me what emote that is


The last EE from The Talos Principle is so random xDDDD

Flip Flap

I remember watching this when I was 4

Christian Wan

does no one notice how much of a hypebeast Chris is!!! ive seen him wear yezzys humanraces


▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ 🅛🅞🅛 █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

I can't wait!

Prank Bros

USA?Canadas the best


RIP to the one who passed away

Darlene Hall

3:08 where is the hammer?????????? Illuminati confirmed

Snow ball Heart

This story made me cry do bad

Damian Gersbach

Ty we all love you

doug rosenberg

herf noopLOL

Luna Wolf

Woo you go

Extra Mannen

Thats why you always have glider redoploy


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unique designer

Love from india elsa


"We are not going to do any PvE event in the future"

Hadiza Abdullahi



Question: Why does the mom have a sarcastic Canadian accent

Pearl Fey

Please don’t tell me it’s the U.S.A... cause I live here and never heard of dis


i knew that brokeback mountain scene had to be in one of these



Oliver Rodas

Uno de los de dp se parece a josh de twenty ome pilots

purple Butterflys

oh the art

_______ _______


Pardon ?

Parents, this is why you believe your kids when they say that there’s a monster under their bed.

Gf=Good Friend. It didn’t help that my friend was a girl either.

Brett Rus

What is this music?