Aakriti Fashion Designing Institute Bilaspur


Great video, thanks for the jump scare warning!


She has the right not to support lgbt, but then she should not be suprised how they react. They have the right to judge her for it and choose not to talk to her for it.

Me: Hold my food but don't eat it! HIIIISSSSSS


They used the wrong goal horn, that's Chicago's (I think)

Mike Wade

Ty it really surprised me when I shot that gun that you shot it felt like I was where history was. Lol

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Who's watching in August 2016

Gatora tor 11

@EggBobCheesehave you ever heard of wind ???

damn bish

the bottle was a paid actor.



At least I feel the last one.

Leviathan Pro

MORE THAN 800 likes buddy!

Gay NoahsNoah

I don’t fear death

Zzang name ¿

Confusion is everywhere

Sara Binamroo

7:40 when the teacher yells at me for not doing my homework

leopard gecko

in mi mummys tummy

Rodney Iseminger

Michel wasn’t there for the world record shot

Shanice Galore

when stormi has more clothes than you’ll ever own

Jodie Marcellino

that was amazing as usual good work

Wolfgameing Games

Looks fun


you're getting a subriber

Adnan Abdelkrim

that was awsome xD

Rayyan Lolmaster

nobody noticed it but