Rachana reddy is a dynamic Advocate, fights against KCR and TRS GOVT in land acquisition act.

Edit:I did NOT have a child abuse at home.6-last number:part of my life.

Wing Wolf

Those Trixie and Dash keychains were the best part of this video.

Samir Paez

Ok so I was aware that Guru made quality content but HOLY SHIT!! You outdid yourself this time Guru. Keep up the good work as always

Kliyah's Life


Erin Beitlich

Ive been thinking about these two lately

extreme528 cc's

Like frisbees? Get an arobie pro

Gavrilo Spasovic

o like them especially the twins

randy eskelson

rock on!

Rufooos MG

Do an arrow through a polo

Fatah Daulay

guru you still be a youtuber right

Vlig for Life

It is not about the outside it is in the inside you beautiful Ricardo no matter what

Arjo moreno

Panda time

William Wool


Moon Wolfx

People who cheat on others and think it’s okay, they are so dumb 🤦🏻‍♀️

RedCed xD.

No team tyger

Salas 831

Did Garrett got bumblebee for trophy painted in gold lol


pandas rock


Noooooooo oh god pls hring him back. (Impossible)

Matthew Robben

That last one is what I call a blowjob 😂😂😂😂


ur secrets?? :)

Matthew Morgan

I love dp

Teo Adjimi-Viseur

Je vient juste de voir un episode d'un autre youtubeur et je vais sur ta chaine youtube pour voir si il y avait des easter egg et je vois cette video,j ai eu BEAUCOUP de chanfe lol


Wish to know how the hell someone discovered the Resident Evil's Easter Egg Hahaha

Geronimo DG

makes my day better

Gagan Singh

@ggehucq yeah yeah we all know that! BUT! this game is tight been playing all day >> bit.ly/15Op9mm?=drxus