Abs Stimulator REVIEW | Does it Really Work?

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Andrew pruteanu

HAPPY GILMORE, yea, trying that one😂


I thought I'd put the Ruffles in the basket at the end.


Sain Anggun

Soo can someone tell me who is who? Cuz Im new 😂

maxime nicolas

You cool

Natasha Malik

I've been there before and my mum knows about it(also im an asian which means this situation is a part of stages in HELL).it happens 2 years ago but the suffers last till now :'( and sometimes i got suicide thought but im glad that i got a friend that i can rely on shes there when i needed her the most,shes also give me strength since me and my mum not in a good term which is really makes my life worse but its ok, the point is,to whoever currently in this situation,please know you are not alone and everything will be fine.its sure will leave a scar but it will keeps u from doing the same mistakes:).(sorry if there's mistakes on my grammar or whatsoever hehehh my English is not so well and im suck at telling this kind of thangss.heheh i usually does not leave comment but i got bored due to cant go to sch cuz im late.(school start at 6.50am and i woke up at 6.37am and now is 8.04am ahhh sorry again for messing this comment section with my dumb dumb sucks life.so thts it bu-bye)



V SKALYAN Chakravarty

Not want to play iPhone then you told

Berkley Stovall

I've been to this exact jump street their at

Melrose Ballers

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Bucket Headed

Where’s “I don’t work here” guy

Nate Quinlan

Last one

Peter Ryan

That kid who said " Mama, it's a real panda" is so cute

Jordan Saville

where r ricardo's vids ima watch him now!!! haha

Alec Barraza

I just don't get it why do the cut little games like Mario have creepy easter eggs

RC Klaper 1337

What is SOOO Social on this Video? This are Normal RC Trucks and Tricks and Jumps Its Nothing special 😲😡


dude I fuckin died when I saw that cougar.. I was like ah shit 😂


Make a second ne

Janice Lust

Asher can REALLY sing♥️!


I wished quiet will jump out of the cake

Spell ICUP nibba



Is it?

Christopher Huff

Cody's haircut

She was supposed to receive help, but instead, she met the same breed of scum bag she has back at home.


I’m a girl scout so thank you for liking our cookies 🍪

Space Pixel


Victoria Malichi

I’m eating cheese balls

yordanose nida

this is how many people that would have broke up with him on the spot

Carson Pettus

More bloops

Matt Barber


chicken lover98

What's wrong for being gay or lesbian?its normal

Jaxon Sigmen


Gillian Mcdougall

Gum 🤧🤧

DIego Paxtle

in cod ghost you can see scream's mask in a spider web