A Day in the Life of an MIT Aerospace Engineering Student Ep. 1

*** Bagsmart Information and links ***Travel Universal Cable Organizer (DISCOUNT): Camera Shoulder Bag: Backpack w/ 15.6" Laptop Slot: CODE:Coupon: BM10BM99Validity period: September 29th, 2018 –October 13th, 2018Original price: $19.99Current price: $13.99Discount: 30% offIn this video, I take you around to see what a day in the life of a college student, or ma Massachusetts Institute of Technology Aerospace Engineering student is like. I show you the engineering classes I am currently taking, my room, and what I generally do on a day to day basis. I show you how I do my work, where I do my work, and what I usually do to relax or unwind. I also give my general advice to anybody thinking about going to or applying to MIT, and talk about what it is really like to go to such a prestigious college. Special thanks to my Patrons:Sattawut WongwiangjuntGrace HardrictAan D.Jason H.KCMunin E.Hsien TsayBecome a Patron for some awesome rewards/privileges for as little as $1 here: patreon.com/MiTechGuyThank you for watching!For business inquiries, please email:mitechguy2020@gmail.comAffiliate Amazon Links:Camera used: Used: Laptop: 8 Case: 8 Plus Case: 2 XL Case: X Case: X Screen Protector: Plus Case: Media Links:drone shots were shot using the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, and the main camera I used was the Sony A7iii with Zeiss lenses. I used the Rode Video Mic Pro+ and also the iPhone XS Max for time lapses.PATREON:

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It breaks my heart to hear when people's parents die. As a kid I never got the chance to go home to my mom or dad. I lived with my grandparents because my mom didn't want anything to do with me and my dad lived with his girlfriend because he was struggling financially. I valued my father SO MUCH because on the few minutes a day I'd see him, I'd be as happy as ever. I was always sad and nobody ever knew because I acted happy in front of them. From early childhood until I was 8, I was bullied for being very thin. I decided to gain weight and gained too much. I was struggling and tried to make everyone else happy and I was forgetting about myself. I finally got thinner by grade 7, but it wasn't too much thinner. Ever since grade 6 I've been running and working out to loose weight. I'm in highschool now. I haven't seen my mom since grade 3. I've gotten used to it over the years anyways.

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