Adhurs - Episode 10 - Agam Shingari

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Gordana Cuk Ribaric

where is garrret

Richard M

0:26 that is literally me and my friends at school watching the games on our computers 😂

Scott vn

ty is just too good

Ankita Bodas

No. 34 On trending in America! Keep Stre@ming Once!!


I see there a another easter egg


They totally just slammed Ty's head when they poured the Gatorade on him xD

David Cohn

he should be in the super bowl I wonder why he's not??? oh wait......refs

Hallie Clarke

If Any parents think that being gay is wrong go to hell we are allowed to be gay if we want it’s not your choice


Anonymous Please

No one:

Giovanny yt

I don't crie but i'm so saddddd

Capton Beefy

I know what happens after death .....

Swiss Goalhorns

Its not the real goalhorn!

Jamie Hayes

Usually when you are pregnant with girls you get super sick, honestly I'm not gonna be surprised if they have a girl

Megan Esp

That new court is cool!

lol lol

Girls will be girls

wyatboak833 BRO

:my highest score is 38

Eerikki Hyvärinen




Michael Sandoval

zombies is a fun part of call of duty, but by no means should it be anyones favorite game. if it is, thats honestly REALLY REALLY sad.

Josh Dorazio

Should of used Bubble Yum!

Please don't waste no time, I wanna stay

Caleb Olson

Team necklace

Tinnybird G

So WHY didn't they just cut her open and remove the dead baby from the womb instead of inducing labor making her push it out?? Heck, all that time in pain and wasted energy PUSHING a dead baby out! Gosh!

3. Suitable land slope conditions for raising a tent so that the tent remains above water surface