Adivo Alladivo Dance Performance -03Oct2015

Kuchipudi Dance Performance on ADIVO ALLADIVO at Shilparamam on 03-Oct-2015

Chevy Chase

Sweet a new vid - awesome


cant believe ppl find this funny..its so obvious the running is speeded up..i subbed for basketball shots.. not for fail sketchesanother video like this and bb subscription.

Tini Brown

I saw 13 bounces

Manospondylus Gigas

This is two dudes right?

Milkshake 380

My videos take at least 20 min. To upload 😡

elka mckennaaa

bro mans sounds like a psychopath too lmao

Mom: ItS ThAt gOD dAmN PhOnE

Phoenix Adeney

You know that your life is good when you post a video on YouTube that's sponsored by YouTube

I'm patato master

Calls 911

Alina Duford

Wow this is getting more interesting every episode!!!!!!!!

Johanna Cabieles

11 bounces

Philip Wallace

Love your story

Evander SU'A

i tell you something if you push this thumbs up soon you will be better than ninja

Elijah Smith-Nguyen

I have the gun that was used for the jet ski bottle rocket

Jurassic Pancake

The dog was enough to break me aaaa-

Ellie Taylor


puppy boy

I am like misse

Noelle Randle


Filip master_37

This is soo cool

I tend to pick up on what people are feeling like a radar. It comes in huge waves all at once from multiple sources. If kids in the room are arguing or fooling around, causing the teacher to yell, it hits me hard. The level of negative emotions hurts and I don't like it.


This is so old


Does no one else see ty cheat at 2:58 he looked!!!

Stop Motion Brick Studios

"You're always in the bathroom when we score." Pause. "He's always in the bathroom when we score!!"0:01 Also....poor Cory. 0:22

Kieran Gallagher

that ending

stingrey's stuff

What about hurling 🙄






Why would some other guys do that why? Why can't they handle their self to be a perv, why they torture other women like that why?

FaLse sip1233

Bill gates

Jacob Neucks

1:16 maybe basket baller?

Eomer Martinez

1:59 we we are dead

Atifa Ibrahimi

Im worried i might fail high shool because im not smart at half my subjects and the subject i hate most is math i never get it and its so frusstrating and complecated. 😓😯🙁


me drawing like a kinder Gardner

A dolphin

Infinity War spoiler ahead


Like the video guru have a good Christmas 🎄

Hello 1234

Good for you bro

oh wait wrong channel woops

Siaunna Applesauce

I'm the one in the bathroom stall who told her to shut up lmao


Tim McGraw is ripped!

Hayley Robison


Always tell your parents first, it might be a very difficult conversations to have, but its much better if they find out from u not someone else or the internet.

Gacha Goldie

I love your story ❤️❤️❤️❤️

That’s unfair

Sommerlyn Tan

Omg this had me cracking the whole time LOL


Could you please quickly Thumbs Up the video. You guys have supported me and this channel alot lately it and it would be awesome if we could keep that going. ♥


If I didn't even do that in my Amnesia video, don't worry, It's unlikely I would do it in any other game.

Codas Bloodwing

RvB....oh jeez


what is the song from first easter egg? Doesnt matter if its your buissness or not

Padmanabhan S.Pillai

Panda ഇഷ്ടം 😉😉😉❤



john cj

hi are u coming on the summer holidays

Ahmed Safa DP

"he got all of that one!"

Anonymous Who



Well, I understand she was new to technology and all, but at least her parents should have explained to her that when you share a picture on social media you have to be aware that it’s visible to everyone else and you have to take responsibility for it, I’m not saying harassing on social media is a good thing but people should know that sadly, this is our society and we got to be more careful and watch out for those creeps.

foxy jr

Number one was the toy story ball