ai ae ay ei eigh a - Phonics Alternative Spellings

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Harun Poljo

I Love it

Yeah, and pretty quickly tbh

Atsuko Sasuke

You lose weight without diet or exercise because you always walks

Michael Hernandez

no god please!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

jtx jet

At 4:14 it looks like coby put his middle finger up at Garrett

Because your Brother married a Girl and that Girl’s Brother became a Brother in law to your Brother, which means he is also your Brother in law since you are the Sister of your Brother

Kris Hunt

Dude, aloe blaccs “the man.” Love this damn song


Man Stephen A Smith really doesn't want the Raps to win. It's getting annoying..

Aldair Maco

Los likes que des a este comentario son los suscriptores que tendrás este año💓💓💓💓

Georgina Hearsey

you guys are amazing about everything you have inspired my life thank you

h famil vlogs



Lol it would be awesome if they made every shot in one shot👍


Team coby

Qu4ntum Dr4g0n

Them editing skeeeeelllz

Yaroslav Luchastyh

Ну хоть ктото Майкла на лысо не бреет -_- респект GuruKid :3

Lets hope I won't die :3

Saige Bertolas

I'm march 24

Grecia Rodriguez

Yea this dr. Is no bueno. I’m 31 and would be upset if my doctor acted like this. Idk, maybe because they’re young is why the doctor acted like that but I would suggest getting another doctor who cares about your questions.

Ravi Shanker Singh

I love your video

Simple As A to B

omg you guys rock best video


Yay! infinite Brightly colored bottons to press!

sam b


bill feehan

Manic Bloom- Scene of the crime

Gshashi Bhushan



1:38Garrets face

sava uzerpoiz

Тупо мужики учили в школе физику)

en familia con alegria


Nancy Emmanuel

it's ok to get tired we all do

W tamtym momencie poczułem się zawstydzony tym, kim jestem i zdecydowałem się to zmienić. Nie chciałem już ich ranić. Przestałem brać hormony i wyrzuciłem dziewczęce ubrania. Ale wiedziałem, że w środku nic się nie zmieniło. Przynajmiej to przeszkoda, którą tylko ja będę musiał znosić.

Anthony Cutler

The signature dunk 🖊📝


How... In the fucks sake... Can you find that?

Frederico spindola

Im brazilian

landan ledbetter


Linds Arch

Hmmm, judging on past experiences, coby has... 0% chance of winning 😂😂😂 Sorry cobs ❤️❤️😂

Alex godinez

Bro I want this video part 2

Ethan McCarty

0 percent coby wins

Harrison Skye Rieth

Guy the movie is a COMEDY I’m pretty mad at this video

Abu Antar

lol feminism lol nu-males

4. GTA 3


I actually guessed before I clicked and I was right!

Vaibhav Misra

Love Tyler's rage moments

aheat fan

Loved it

Teo Ferro

That was probably one of the coolest ways to deal with an asshole ive seen. Nice one!


Rico: Cargo plane seriously it must have been shot down with EMP