America ki Daredi | Telugu Comedy Short Film | By Srikanth with English Subtitles

Americaki Daredi is a hilarious short film about a guy who wants to visit America and meet his friend.Click here to Watch :Naa Story Naa Istam - A Spoof on RGV - Note: Save girl child, support MARDCast and Crew:Artistes - Sudarshan Reddy, Phani, Gowtham Sai,Chiranjeevi, Sundeep, Tribhvan,Kamalesh and Avish Story, Dialogues and Directed by Srikanth N ReddyAssistant Direction - BharaniDOP - Karthik, AvishEditing - Lokesh & Malli


Parents are the most important people to everyone even if we are angry at them

SmartCatie Wilson

3:02Is his wife laughing?


Ready set mow


Idk how he manages to find all these easter eggs but i enjoy the videos

Levi K

I’m- wow I am going to start paying more attention to what I watch.

Ikinararangal ko ako'y Iglesia ni Cristo

It's late night and i'm watching this and that creepy singing in the beginning freak me out like hell. I thought some ghost is gonna attack me.

Part 4:

Артем Юленков

Я русский

10% the baby cute!


2:06 Dj. Khaled

curtis foster

Get A Life!


10:02, spoilers!


i don't think you have the right too be insulting too that guy its his opinion on a person he does not know this porter guy and nor do you and the Gottlieb guy was just voicing his opinion personally if i was porter i would not put references like that in the game telling people he does not know about personal stuff don't insult the other guy for his opinion some people say Hitler was a good guy and a bad guy he did bad stuff and good stuff you can't just judge someone on one thing people who

Winable Lost

500 likes? No, you get 1600

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Aaryaa Sharma


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Who Shot Johnny video next please. (Remix feat. Post Malone?)

An Ordinary Person

i wore nappies when i was three

flav. io

love chandler BTW ❤️


"My grades began to drop"

Sophia Vassallo

This is the same as my 6 year old sister but my sister didn’t dye

Mechie Israel

Wait what her name?

Oralia Méndez

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dead inside

0:05 that could've gone wrong

I eat sand Hi

I learned more about the movie when I watched the reveal trailer

bryan 1teg

His percentage is 00.000000000000%.

The Word “No” Made Me A Billionaire

Ahmed Safa DP

"time for me to hit the weights!"

Devin Ellis

Cringe is real in this one.


That's hit so close to home

Necromushroom 82

0:25 that’s what she said

William Gannad

where is garret