Ammedokatiyunu, Asima Lonidokati - Annamayya Paataku Pattabhishekam - Rahul Vellal | Performance 3

- Rahul Vellal Facebook PageVocals : Rahul Vellal (11 Years)Music Composer : Sri Josyabhatla Sarma,Program :Annamayya Paataku PattabhishekamTelecast on : 15-Jun-2019Facebook : : : of the song : Raagam :- MayamalavagowlaPallavi :-Ammedokatiyunu, asima lonidokatiImmula maa gunamulu yencha jotedayyaa..Charanam 1 -Yeppudu nemu choochina, indriya kinkarulamuIppudu nee kinkarulamu yettayyemo ???Thappaka dhanamunaku daasyamu nemu sesemuCheppi nee daasulamana siggu kaadaa ! MaakuCharanam 2 -Padathula keppudunu parathantrulamu nemuVadi nee parathantra bhaavamu maakedi ?Naduma ruchulake naaluka ammuduvoyaYeda yedi ? Ninnu nuthiyinche andukunuCharanam 3 -Thanuvu lampataanaku thaga meedetthithimideVonari nee voodigaanaku odigedettu ???Nanichi, sree venkatesa ! Naade neeku saranantiVenaka mundenchaka, neeve kaavavayyaa..


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Guru I noticed that you aren't doing a watch dogs video, and that there was a disappointing amount of eggs in bf1. You're also doing movie eggs. Do u think games are including fewer eggs bc it "lessens the game" somehow?

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Sorry non-Star Wars fans for the past 2 weeks, the hype train is slowing down now. A new Top 10 might be up next week, it's not an Easter Eggs Top 10 either. Thanks for watching!

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Do you find the easter eggs yourself or do you wait till they are discovered to make a video?

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