Anjaneya stuti

This video is dedicated at the lotus feet of Sri Hanuman.Song sung by SPBNamo Anjaneyam Namo Divyakayam Namo Vayuputram Namo Suryamitram Namo Nikilarakshakaram Rudrarupam Namo Marutim Ramadootam NamamiNamo Vanaresham Namo Divyabasam Namo Vajradeham Namo Brahmatejam Namo Shatrusamharakam Vajrakayam Namo Marutim Ramadootam NamamiSri Anjaneyam Namaste Prasanna Anjaneyam NamasteNamo Vanarendram Namo Vishwapalam Namo Vishwamodam Namo DevashuramNamo Gagana Sancharitam Pavana Tanayam Namo Marutim Ramadootam NamamiNamo Ramadasam Namo Bhaktapalam Namo Eshwaramsham Namo LokaveeramNamo Bhaktachintamani Gadapanim Namo Marutim Ramadootam NamamiSri anjaneyam namaste prasana anjaneyam namasteNamo Papanaasam Namo Suprakasham Namo Veda Saram Namo NirvikaramNamo Nikhila Sampoojitham Deva Sreshtam Namo Marutim Ramadootam NamamiNamo Kamarupam Namo Raudra Roopam Namo Vayu Thanayam Namo VaanaraakramNamo Bhakthavaradayakam Aatmavasam Namo Marutim Ramadootam NamamiSri Anjaneyam Namaste Prasanna Anjaneyam NamasteNamo Ramya Naamam Namo Bava Puneetam Namo Chiranjeevam Namo VishvapujyamNamo Shatrunashanakaram Gambeera Roopam Namo Marutim Ramadootam NamamiNamo Deva Devam Namo Bhaktharatnam Namo Abaya Varadam Namo PanchavadanamNamo Subhaga Subhamangalam Anjaneyam Namo Marutim Ramadootam NamamiSri Anjaneyam Namaste Prasanna Anjaneyam Namaste

Olivia Penketh

At 4:16 trust me I know his pain It.Hurts.


"YoUr nOt GoNnA HaVe tO sHaVe YoUr EyEbRoWs"

Some Guy

There were many movie references in Shrek 2 believe it or not. It may be worth checking them out.

Christal Marie

Give me a few minutes in a room with both of your parents. Bet they won’t do that shit no more

Memez Memez

Dude my mom spends 300 on groceries HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT HUH!?!?


That's definitely the Washington square mall dicks sporting goods

brayan Huerta


Aaron Sanchez

More kittens please

XxBlueSharkxX 27

And that arm

INinja v




simon scheideler

battlefield 1_cod 0

Neil Brian

Pizza truck is going to get us run!!!

Billie Jo Wicks

Did he gab his balls

Christiaan Rozema


weebgirl 12345678910

You are not mean you are doing the right thing

I understand that these are people but america needs to protect its own so many drugs are coming illegally through the border and rapers and people stealing jobs LEGAL americans need a few towns over from me in new jersey i heard about this ILLEGAL immigrant WHO SHOT AND KILLLED A GIRL in front of a restaurant and people are hating on america like crazy "oh so racist wanting people to come in legally and safely" THEN DON'T FUCKING COME HERE IF YOU DON'T LIKE AMERICA YOU DONT SEE OTHER COUNTRYS OUT HERE LIKE "OH YOU DONT LIKE YOUR COUNTRY COME RIGHT TO US AND YOU DONT NEED TO BE REGISTERED OR CHECKED THAT YOUR NOT GOING TO DO BAD. AND ALSO YOU CAN COME STEAL JOBS SO OUR CITIZENS CAN BE POOR "

Michael Dawson

YouTube is really going hard with Pride Month this year posting this gay shit lol


Love the color on your eyes, what color is that?

Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy

The intro makes me kinda mad that this wasnt better suited for easter eggs, so much was spawned of that 1st video and it gets "repaid" (so to speak) with this

Nj Kennedy

Did tyler say the f word


AlCubing 7

0:42 Could’ve gone a lot a lot

MJ Awesome Macy

Why did you cut her hair


that turtle quest was a pain getting through those pipes 

Kendama And more

Tyler's 60 yarder

C boy H Doyle

Rip old gramps

Pyromaniac Fire kid

I ski every weekend and I am the Snow sprayer, map memorizer, the speed demon, and the Mr.Headphones

A week later after I got back from the camp, I went shopping when I started to feel some burning pain in my head and realized that I am about to get a fever (which is 100°F based on my thermometer readings upon arrival at home) as a result after my mom came home from work I was immediately rushed to hospital Casualty Department as my general physician is out of town at the time.


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People like this literally makes a joke out of marriage. GROW UP!!!!😑



Pluto and Surfer’s Madness

OKAY, people really need to stop putting so many freaking onions near me when I’m watching YouTube!!