Anupam Roy - JUKEBOX (Part-2)

-..1. Bondhu Chol2. Abdhut Mugdhota3. Bezubaan4. Jaani Dekha Hobe5. Journey Song6. Matir Rawng7. Neel Megh Mashe8. Obhabe Kano9. Second Sex10. Tarar Moto11. Thanda Du Chokh12. Amake Amar Moto13. Bawshonto Eshe Gache14. Classroom15. Surjo Rongeen16. Gobhire Jaao (Bonus Track)


Damn!! Halle Queen of wings!!! @ hot ones and @ sean evans, please get bear grylls on your show. If one person ingested foul food it is that man! Really wanna know how he does against hot ones hot wings.


She’s co-dependent. She immediately said all she wanted to do was help people and folks saw her as a push over. Abusers attach to co-dependent people and vis versa.

that one cool dude

Just don't be bipolar, it's e-z :D

Le Fred

Zombie Elvis hhahaha

Zoe Brady

Anyone watching in 2018? 😂

Lλven Croft

dude you r god how do u found these easter eggs??

xoxo xoxo

This makes no sense like a boy was punching her then she was screaming, they dragged her through the hallway with her screaming and no students realised 😑😐


This is nice and all, but where is the triple triad footage?!?!!?!

Imogen Coulson

That doctor needs to go to court and medical school

Scott Green

“We started playing a game called Fortnite.” Find the similarities between you and (him/her),

Mustafa Fadeel

Blue ricadoulingo: You missed eating meat, you know what happens now.

Mermer G

It’s not being hurt that makes me cry it’s my mom altogether

Sebastian Arango

Naa, eso tiene muchos efectos

HG 80

If you want bow and arrow trick shots just look up lars anderson

Tiara Washington

Awwwwwww so nice


What is your favourite Easter egg?

James Moore

6:54. Mad

someone Online?

I didn't know "bullying" was a bad word

I got a five dollar toy

evidence smith

3:14 acting like a whole chef lol

Nick Link

I gave you guys a like what else do you want, bye! JK love FBE have a great day!

Matthew Culcasi

Paul smiling when asked to go hot tubbing, but in his head he's like "This nigga gay"

Phobos, the Terraria Shitposter

2:24 "This game is dope as fuck dude" That's the first Guru easter egg I spotted without any help! yay

kitty girl dj fun

The drawimg is soo cool i love it💓

Tara C

i told her and she said no your not haha

James Russell

Absurd Recurds: Longest Lego WalkI just watched this after stepping on a lego.That is ABSURD

Tito septarino

Pls gifmi

Чакалов Джамал

Как такие машинки называются?

Mario Jkh

I don't understand the story

Jeepers Scoob

When you "activate" your encounter with Killer Croc, there's danger pictogram : on the bottom right corner you can see Croc's head. I don't know if it's an Easter Egg, but it's cool.

Baller 565



A warm embrace


Mirrors edge 2 : CONFIRMED


Just let you guys know..if a guy/someone even your friends want your nude picture..its mean


so early bois

Julius Baldwin

yay minecraft



Ghost Tardy



Can I be you fan

Rylan Kidman

i can do a backflip

Bloom God

Is this anyone elses favortie episode. I always come back to it

Pickle Playz

You guys are insane!!!

vijay sable


Now if she also had intrusive thoughts...that would be more accurate.


Poor Uni-corn.

Nacho Business

If they call garret the purple hoser why don’t they call ty beard


can you not read?

Owen brennan

more bloopers there great

Vince Elrey

I saw you're show today

Kat Dog


Elyckson Ds

Cadê os br...?


So sad