Apadhbandavudu song

Avura ammaka chella,

Abby Cantrell

Please please please do a review of all Jeffree’s new stuff!!

Mr One gaming

The first mag didn’t count because his foot was of the ground

Brayden Diaz

fav vid is world record edition

Ernesto Piodos

you're walking backwards and the people thought you were crazy

Kayla Kholif


Koko Ya

2:01 XD

jason diamond

try doing amumsement park trick shots


Hi Tati, how come you no longer list your makeup mentioned/worn in the description box anymore?


Ok ok, here's the question. How the flying fuck did an Eagle eyed viewer such as you notice the 'Journal 3' Easter egg? That's insanely hard to spot....

Bboyy Hhhoo


logan a

This video is so old

Hell Rather

Is it from Cambodia or Thai the music is sound like in Cambodia

Whitney Dahlin

If you are afraid get a restraining order go to the police have them come with you to collect your things. Delete your social media block him change your number. You can even go to a woman's domestic violence shelter where they have secret locations you can live and get therapy at. There is no excuse to stay in an abusive relationship. Either leave or stop complaining and resign yourself to that life. The abusive person will NEVER EVER change no matter what they say. YOU are the one deciding to stay in that relationship no one else. You are to blame if you refuse to leave. That's on YOU.

Ziggy Rowe

Not a car

Nicola Jones

I want to live with dude perfect


Guru you have yet to make awful video. Keep up the good work.

Pootis Bird

true dat

Ben Sawyer

0:39 That's the first officer's seat, you dolt.

Mitchell Kim

Does Kuzma realize that Kuz is a slang for women’s genitalia?

tg the2nd

Titans like this if you agree