Apple Almond Tart Financier 苹果杏仁塔费南雪 ll apron

Apple Almond tart Financier 苹果杏仁塔费南雪 ll Apron15cm/6"Pie pan塔模杏仁粉 almond meal 50g低筋面粉 cake flour 30g泡打粉 baking powder 1/4tsp盐 salt 1/4tsp糖 sugar 60g全蛋 egg 1香草精 vanilla extract 1/4tsp溶化奶油 melted butter 50g苹果片 apple slice 1/2pcs170c Bake 40-50minute170度摄氏 烤 40-50分钟Please leave a like andShare this video【SUBSCRIBE】my channel for more videosAnd clicked the bell so you don't miss any of my videosMy ChannelChannelshop#Financier #Recipe #Cake

Moonlight Skys

"Let's play our secret game"

Deondre Shelton

at number 8, my dog was in the room kept tilting his head and would not stop even a while after...

Stop Hating on Lil Uzi

Nigga fucking injured

Ricky Marcial Tadem

YO AT 1:28DID ANYONE NOTICED THE ROCKS BENEATH THE FOG? IT'S LIKE THE ROCKS THAT WHERE ANNA AND ELSA'S PARENTS' ARE BURIED TO.But it has a gem-shaped figure on it.. That wasn't on the previous movie when it was shown. (I think)


1 sec of the movie = 1-2 weeks made Facts

Le gars au lunettes

Good bye scion

I'm still shaking from that day 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Hey keep up da good work man

ct51- getusome 09

Triple ricishy was fake watch the slow mo on the left side of the screen you will see a different arrow

AnTonya crazy kids

You should film marshown Lynch

am al

I'm like this i have so mush pain that somtime i just wont to be alone and do nothing a sit in my bed 2 hours befor i can sleep but i always remind my self that i'm strong no mater what

epic everything

The most likes I’ve ever had on a comment was 3

Top,14 in Mexico

GR 21

I just want a Rolex 1M times

Austin Ramseyer



Another person with more views than me. How nice. -___-

Alanski Rulez

Or even your self

Backyard Horses

But how did you make this video? Maybe your relatives told you your past?

Elite TNT

I cried not to lie :) happy tears . Good job dude perfect

Lucia Nguyen

I used to be strongly against dubs, but I'm a little more open to it now. Thought the voice actor for Eren Jaeger will forever and always be the most terrible voice actor I've ever heard, I cringe whenever I hear him speak or BREATHE.

Rafael Montalvo Monica

Nice video and nice music.

Reference to a Garfield horror game.

Braydon Critchley


April S

You guys are awesome

Annah Sandoval


chosen elite76

Stephen A is becoming annoying AF or is that just me?

Anyways ,

Sarah Henrikson

Class class class!!!!! Shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juan Daniel Nino

They predicted bird box

Liam Dixon

1:42! LOL :D



devine nex

richtofin and samantha are sibling and maxis is their father and all the zombies are in the future along with all 8 hero's and there were also zombies long ago before the modern age they where medevil zombies they where unearthed and began the zombie apocalypse in 1918, after the first 4 hero's died 4 more came along and started on a bus then went to nuketown and then to die rise where they found out about maxis and richtofen where they fallowed into the underground city or burried where they find out maxis is evil and only loved sam, they then all die, and then finally for shits and gigles there is alcatraz which is just a cool map

Tc Packard

H didn’t get frafted

Mătuşa Goa

'' If I just stay in you forever I don't need to visit the outside world, right?''

Neighborhood Tv

1:48 how?

Ketashi 96

I teared up I swear dude perfect you guys are great people

Krusty Krab

Circus Baby Gacha

First trailer: "For some odd reason this looks sick, I wanna see it."-The comment sectionSecond trailer: "I'm confused."- The comment section

Violet are blue

jhon smith

Great video!!!

Marcos Z.R

Reply me guru im a big fan from argentina



david reus

No one * Every you tuber: LaMBorGIni