ASMR Highly Nutritious Hand Sounds (NO TALKING after 8mins)

------ No talking portion begins at 08:00 ------A big hearty welcome to this one-hour plus ASMR video for sleep, relaxation, tingles, study, blocking out the sound of your neighbours making sweet love etc etcIt uses the Tascam microphone and features hand sounds, finger snapping, finger fluttering, with some soft speaking and whispering at the very beginning. As always, the video and audio are flipped for variety, then repeated in the second half, to give you a little more time to drift off.I dearly hope that you enjoy it.Take care!+++ Support my channel on Patreon for nifty rewards +++Twitter & Instagram +++I also make playlists on Spotify if you’re into that sort of thing. If not, that’s cool. I’ll just make a sad one and cry about it.thanks to my Patreon supporters:William KChris MLiam C Sam S Mattias H Malcolm T Jeff MChadZillaChase MjevrioRantingisalwaysfunHunter JKieran RSteven G Psylent RoseJohn CMikey PRobert AChris GJoeTom HScott LChristopher LBrownican

Amanda Mcclamrock


Dank Wipes

Did anyone notice the marshmallow dodge ball how the marshmallows the guy hit flew passed Tyler and he had another marshmallow already in his hand what cheating


Spaceballs is a parody of Star Wars, not alien

William Fanslau

As of now all of DP has been on wheel unfortunate. Except for ty maybe it's because he's Ned forester!?!?

Chiwawah AJ

I'm transmale so yeah


5:07 who's that dude?


is it possible to so without Xbox live

Xpensive xgirlx

Why did i enjoy this more then fancy i love twice sm this is what ive been waiting for from them and its in Japanese lowkey sounds better but this is such a bop they deserve awards for this dam song

David An

Got kicked out for wearing khaki pants at a basketball game. Shame! Shame!

Ggames Rocha

9:00 homer simpson don´t approved

Michael Tube17

I like the worlds longest ally oop and why does ty always dunk

oskar käll

Part 2?

Su Herman



waiting for watch dog easter eggs :D

i put dog poop in the recycling bin HAHAHAHAHA....FEAR ME

yenantya gaming



Anyone think it’s weird that this is the only dude perfect video that’s ever been recommended to me?


Aww shit here we go agin

El General

I'm not first

I’m Dead and Not fine

I thought this was gonna be a really homophobic video

Big Mike

Lil tjay

Adriel Isaac

Ty you missed the base for the double play

Saad Ali

Make of football trick shots

Francisco Apilado

Stick to them basketballs boys haha

I sold me a lil' hard for a few thousands, I was straight (Straight)

Kris Boolin

headed to the butcher shop, y’all want something

riby dog

I feel so bad. I started crying. But you will get a baby. My mom didn't have a man. But she still had me. From... uh something


Jungkook is forever a our golden maknae 🔰💜

Toxic Arrive


sof 6

My dad thinks that I just want attention

Ryben Flynn

Died. Not killed. Killed is by another person's actions. The pilot died due to his own actions attempting to land without danger to others.


and let the ocean pay the bills


pls make part 4

All RockStar

The Zombie Army one was really cool, is that game good?


If u like baseball subscribe to my channel

Anuron Ironworks

Me :D

Drea Salvador

4:18 can y’all hear a ringtone or is it just me ?!

Destiny Maire

Done!!!🥺💗🖤 I love you guys

vachiter singh

Really bro its amazing

Angelo Alto