authentic mishti doi recipe | ঘরে পাতা পারফেক্ট মিষ্টি দই | curd | dahi | yogurt

#মিষ্টি_দই #misti_doi #dahiআজ আমি আপনাদের বানিয়ে দেখাবো । খুবই সহজভাবে কিভাবে পারফেক্ট মিষ্টি দই ঘরে বানানো যায় তাই দেখাবো । আমার বানানো মিষ্টি দই খুব পারফেক্ট ভাবে জমেছে আর খেতে অসাধারন হয়েছে যা দোকানের দই থেকেও মজার হয়েছে। আশা করি আমার আজকে দই রেসিপি আপনাদের ভালো লাগবে।

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Craig pearcey [is immortal/limitless powers]

I do and I'm ten

Not supporting the LGBTQ+ community means you dislike them and you are not okay about them.

Katelynn Murset

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I'm in love with this new album too, you guys are golden 💖

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ah this brinngs back such good memories i loved the simpsons hit and run especially my first time playing it

carter games and vlogs

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I was losing all my friends and family

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Can I please ask how they got permission from Southwest to do this?

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I really wish people would stop thinking that GAD general anxiety disorder is a joke or they say your weak and just over reacting or man up I would say to them if you were going through what i do day to day every week you would know what it feels like. I really wish there was less stigma surrounding mental health problems and more people would understand. The most important thing is to talk to someone about it and see your doctor because that's what they are there for and don't isolate yourself cos loneliness will make it worse.

Twins 👬

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