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Little Panda's Animal World by BabyBus Kids Games►DOWNLOAD ANDROID: HERE: INFO:Little Panda's Animal World covers over 20 different kinds of animals, including camels, ostriches, tigers, peacocks, dolphins, blue whales, squirrels... as well as maps of three different ecosystems: desert, ocean, and jungle. With over 40 minigames to play, children can enjoy the fun of exploring the animal world! In the desert, children can: Help camel carry goods across the desert;Play hide-and-seek with the meerkat family, then help each of little meerkats head back to their burrows to sleep;Defend ostrich from the wolves who try to steal their eggs;...Become a reliable protector of desert animals! In the ocean, children can: Help clean up all the trash in the bodies of the blue whale and clam;Help treat the wounded dolphin and walrus;Help the manta ray and puffer fish escape from the fishing net;...Become a dedicated doctor of ocean animals! In the jungle, children can: Design a beautiful tail for the peacock;Help the squirrel collect nuts and help it take its leftovers back to its nest;Help the chameleon change colors to avoid getting attacked by the snake;...Become a loyal friend of jungle animals! Little Panda's Animal World will help children: - Learn animal names; - Understand animal characteristics; - Build basic environmental awareness; - Develop kindness and patience, and learn how to protect little animals; - Increase logical thinking and creativity. BabyBus is committed to the idea that environmental awareness begins with children. To encourage this, we've developed Little Panda's Animal World.We hope that this game will help our users to better understand animal characteristics, make friends with animals, reinforce their sense of environmental awareness, and build good habits in thier daily life. Ultimately, we want all our users to grow up to be knowledgeable and environmentally-conscious people, who will serve as wise and effective stewards for the earth.

Ranga Rage

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Paul R

you guys should think about using a safety rope/belt on the roof. Those pipes are right near the edge and at the perfect height to trip someone and make them stumble off the edge. Safety should always be a priority. I couldn't imagine losing a friend from a fall like that just because you where trying to make a video/have fun. Yea a safety device might not look cool but at least you show kids you guys don't take dumb risks. If i was a camera op i would be so worried about tripping since my focus is on the shot threw a small screen.

SpinzZ 41

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Seth Weeber

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TTX Team



So this is the game's only redeeming qualities, huh.

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4 Awesome Friends

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Austin Baldwin

Look at the ball on the trick shot where they catch throughout the goal post... he doesn’t even catch it hahha


I also thought at first that the guy in the mountain was Jesse pinkman


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Julie_ Chua

J.K’s ex husband’s child: “dad! This book is so cool! I wish I could meet the author!”

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Craze 4 Fun

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