back to back comedy scenes 2019

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Parents: saves you from never having a home

Suprememe yeet

I know this is the wrong channel but... ACTUALLY HAPPENED

Ben Hyde

Well. I just found the meaning of life.

Maddie Jean

I have GAD so i can relate to everything she is saying! It sucks overthinking about everything, but we just have to move on from those dark thoughts, and bring in good ones.

Delta Rezendes

this is so COOL

Kaushik Assagur

Disney: How much memes do you wanna create?Comment section: Yes

Mohamed Suheil

I would like to meet you guys

kaptenleo 10



You put a lot of work in to this I'm proud to be a sub and keep it up friend


Muhamad Syafiq


Death: second thought


I think the thing about epidurals is that sometimes it makes it harder for the woman to push, because they can't really feel what they're doing or know if they're pushing hard enough. I had a C-section though, so this is just a guess.

Markus Kozany

its good

Princetanue David


Killer K Boesen

god this is actually good



El_gatø• Nimo

Kd os brazuca?

Thomas Nishimoto

Not very impressive "trick" shots. 70% of the tricks are drills I do everyday. Like hitting and the serve trick.


Its impossible to be Samantha in MW3 because Treychard make zombies,and Infinity wars make the MW series.

joseph stephen

00:57 Cory and ty confused 😂😂

sundar a

man cody your grate


Why can PC players customize the specific parts of their guns?

Garga Blarg Blarg

I have a question, how do you find and realise these Easter eggs because its baffling to me.

Ghazi 250

Im asian, I get straight A's and im hopefully become a doctor.....

Narayanan Anantha Krishnan

I seriously can't move on until and unless I watch your lovely videos , DP😘

agentgb agentgb

i mvery like EA games ex apex batelfront

Ruah! Where you at?

DD Sports Productions

I hate Gucci gang

No Ni


Justin Altobelli

Is this an autobiography or a biography

Ally Abigail

I have suffered depression for almost 1 year and my parents knew and understand me...

Renald dorvil

school is boring you lucky

Ajay Dhaka



the thumbnail killed me xD

If you don’t li

Christi Gould

Who is under the panda

Mack TB

Lol the swedish one is pretty cool cus im from sweden :3

Ozzie Ozkay-Villa

A🇺🇸👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾🏐🏒🏸🏹⛳️🏆🏆🏆🥇⛹️‍♂️🇺🇸. Dude perfect you are the best


I wouldn't worry about your xbox or ps3 breaking. That comment was a year ago, and they've fixed the overheat problem since then.

Miky Sid

It is like animation

Ocean warrior

Im an atlethe and I realy know it is when you dont satisfy yourself with good results


Maryam Sarkes

I knew it had something to do with Starbucks.

Young Turkey_leg

he can hit ballons but notan Nfl team

Yeah, I don't think that I'll ever come down ITS NOT EASY