Bahi Bana Diye Re - Singer Garima & Swarna Diwakar - Swadeshi Mela 2016 - Raipur Chhattisgarh

Bahi Bana Diye Re Bundela - Singer Garima & Swarna Diwakar - Swadeshi Mela 2016 - Raipur Chhattisgarh

Anonymous - Us Little Kitties

I can relate, except i'm the child. I was born 3 months earlier than I was supposed to be

CanIHaveCandy 987654321

I’m only 14 but this is inspiring


She should of kept the pencil

500 Subscribers Without Any Video Challenge

Oh lovely

lanterns GD

Yay i got a like but..

Zaenal Arifin

Easter egg in easter egg

blake hayes

Wow finally u made a new video

Beth Braim

I have Aspergers too ☹️

Leah the crappy fangirl

I usually only watch vids like these just to watch the drawing. Sometimes I only click because of the art style and the way they color just to watch it. Of course other times I click because of the story. But yeah.


solid vid mate loved it!


That outro was so loud.Holy shit!

Reaper Balkan Gamer

Braćo Balkanci


I’m the tree magnet 😂😂😂

Justin Borromeo

oh, finally a youtuber that doesnt think about scaring his viewers! you earned a sub.

can I get 10 subscribers with no video :p

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Gaming A

Love it

Johnston Steiner

Wouldnt it be fun if they did a full length video on “how many times we tried before succeeding”

Fady Ehab

But how did u know that when they said 'you wont remember this convention'????

rico terrortiNo

man if had it  hi to go 100% on the 100yrd sprint that's a real workout gj


Double play sugar glass was fail didnt get foot on bag

Jacob Garza

Why sooo many ads???

Cilan Steele

I died at Trevor getting mauled 😂😂😂

Where's my clarinet

Rift e9 1:02

Upload epic Fortnite funny moments to YouTube

Amy Smith

Miss carter is actually amazing

And im not joking about all this

Pepsiman V5

Zombie is a gumba

Kahlil Thegoat

Striped 1k people

Pamela Patiño


mike hawk

This is inspiring

Ayla Meier

This even worse than the second one