Better than KFC fried chicken || মুরগি ভাজা Recipe. রান্নার রেসিপি।

Better than KFC fried chicken. মুরগি ভাজা. Simple, Tasty, Healthy. How to cook the best fried chicken. Wow!! My first 2 million views video. Thanks everybody!! বাংলা। নতুন সহজ মজাদার। New tasty yummy . চিকেন রেসিপি। বাংলা রেসিপি। Chicken Recipe. Jamai Bou Production

Anna Benedetti

I love it when people like this help a complete stranger! Restoration in humanity 100

Suraj Krishnan

Make the bloobs of ping pong trickshoots

Oogly Boogly

This was posted on my b-day

Hendrik Torres

Funwithguru I don't know if u noticed, but in 5:44 of this video the trees in the background form the word "fly". I don't know what this means so I leave it to the expert which is you. PS. I love your videos never stop making them.

john Smoove

Bunnies 4 saints row and bears for COD.... WTF?

Tyson Tube HD

Texas Roadhouse has left the chat


Devon Bass

The way you ended this was amazing!


What the hell does a group of half-naked guys have to do with fable?


so that’s where Rachel has been lol

Wilfredo Banez

From May 2009 to 2018 To0 Subscriber's to 29 million to a House to a studioand finally.... 0 Records to Tons of records


Is that ghost army a reference to the ghost army in the lord of the rings?

Dudu Fabian

This Minecraft server is called RealLife 22 years of playing australiandude263 hit the ground too hard

Radinal Dewantara

Did god play gta again?

Stevo Vivo


Kayla the Pacinator

I downloaded the game, and when I first switched characters, I switched to Coby!Like if you're on team Coby!😊

Audjie Bear

Producers: do how many colors-

U ich an

I am groot!

Patrick Koller

Damn dudes your Videos are perfekt every time! I love how much fun you boys have!! 💪👍

Yo Dark

4:04 nope hancock still has that recordHomieDont be sensitive im joking alrightThey are wearing diffrent shirts so that meant they work hard and it took multiple days


I know it's Asperger..

Christopher Gamez

My sister had liver failure when she was born, I think it affected her attitude cuz she’s a bitch

Bogie Blue

I hate when they do the sing the song when someone gets eliminated

Eric bywaters

I watched it yesterday and watch more of today


his girl...... Taylor swift?....... 😂

Lulu Zou

Boy, can we exchange places? I wanna be a boy and im a girl. Yep

mesrine merine

They need to do a ft with Rihanna 🤵🏽

Tanvir khan***!

You guys are really mad😆😆

Jake Baldino



Wow so much I didn't see when watched it, plz do more movies and game Easter eggs lovin it


last one 21 jump street style

Twisted World

999th comment

Monkey Gamer

Codys awesome

Mack Martinez

Dez Bryant.


I always wondered what kind of PC you rocking. Because every recording looks amazing and phenomenal. Always Class A entertainment FunWithGuru. Happy New Years !


Sumaya Abdellatif

So unrealistic.


Same, same.


I thought the one about spongwbob is the one with his hands in his underpants with a painful look in his face

Severus Reee


Caden Smith

The first thing I thought of was The movie “journey to the center of the earth”

Passionate Patriot

I left High School in my sophomore year,and went to the continuation school to finish . I ended up becoming a member of Mensa. So much for the teacher that failed the kid she didn't like. But, you should have seen the looks when they read my transcript and saw "continuation school".

Read the first word

Jayaprakash Nayak

Please sell your stuff in India pleaseI love your truck shots😘😘😘😑

Sara Rose

This was my first dp vid I saw back in 2015

Isai Jacobo

Ya mean to coby😩

Miguel Carrera Palencia

Can you make a video of bow and arrow fishing



Samuel Deighan

She worked too hard, consequences were severe

Joseph Lorusso

I love on how Ubisoft connected the disappearance of Olivier Garneau from Assassin's creed 4 Black Flag

Frig Frog

'Scuse me, you've just mistaken me for somebody who gives a damn.


FUCKKKK! THAT IS SICK, how many times would it take you to actually achive the finished video? amazing man

Flint Lockwood

this game is better than SaintsRow4

Jordan that girl

7:47 siserr whatttt

Arjun Anil

Enthuvade eth 🙈