Bhaga Pirivinai

Vaidyalingam Moopanar and his younger brother Sundaralingam live together along with their family. It is one big happy joint family. Vaidyalingam does not have any children while Sundaralingam has two sons. His older son's left hand is paralysed since childhood, while his younger son is studying in college in the city. Vaidyalingam's wife is bitter and keeps cursing Sundaralingam and his family, while Vaidyalingam is very affectionate towards them and is unhappy with his wife for her bad behaviour. Arrive Singaram and his sister Amudha who are related to Vaidyalingam's wife Akilandam. Singaram's entry into the house causes a lot of confusion and the family splits. Sundaralingam's younger son Mani gets married to Amudha. Evil Singaram misleads Akilandam and Mani into giving him money due to which both Akilandam and Mani get into trouble. What are the problems that the family face due to Singaram? Will Singaram succeed in his evil intentions? Will the family reunite?Subscribe now to Rajshri Tamil for more updates:

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You probably won't read this as I'm a day late, but I wanted to thank you for the videos. And I'm saying this next part in relation to the whole "suicide" thing at the end.. This is the second time you've made it seem like you might not be okay. Just know that you make fantastic content and your fanbase cares about you dearly! It always brings a smile to my face to see you upload. Don't do anything we wouldn't want to happen, please. <3

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