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1 like = her foster parents and aunt will be sentenced 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99999999999999999999999999 years in HELL.


Bhuvnesh Mittal

Pollution is unreal for them.

Johnny Vastardis

go to 2:10 and slow mo it because cody ducked

If you use instagram

June 10th, 2019: Yo, What's Good kermit fam

Joaquín Barboza

NOPE! I was like that watching the walktrough

Blow_Out Pakk

Here before 10 mill

👇Like if u agree

Venomous X

Random English comment from the sound the song is sad😥🤔


Wow dude you have 300.00 subscribers i subscribe you when you nhave 50.000-60.000 subscribers

Abdiel Alfonso



99% Ty wins to much

Josh Sowa

Do Any Americans work in that building wtf


SJDHFGFH it's sanjay.. i thought he said sonjae

Duolingo Owl

Anyone here after saints vs rams

James Anaya

i always try to do extreme catches but i dont have the space so i break the table lamp.

kookies and tea

I'm called attractive & alot of boys like me, but I'm bisexual & currently have a girl crush, and, my girl crush hated me for liking her, so, for a year, I couldn't move on until a nice, funny girl crushed on me, she was my first ever girlfriend. I made my girl ex crush regret, but, the boys were bullying my girlfriend, the boys who crushed on me. Once I found out, I stood up for her, the boys went away for a month. She said that, If I wasn't with her, they'd come, so almost every lunch & recess I would wait for her infront of her class. I guess you could call me tomboy, cause I act like a boy, I like basketball & I'm the best player in our school, so, if you're a tomboy, don't be afraid to show it, just, stay humble and be kind to everyone, and they will accept you! 😊

Flamer Gamer

Who doesn’t like the new updates let’s see. 👎

elif sener

colle 😱👍😉😀

just a wandering riven main

Hi dad.

Thad Ward

Ban assault helicopters

Kyle She

If I this wasn't real life, I'd tell the girl to chop of his pp as revenge.


ce videclip de tot rasul....


Dude I'm gonna try those.

Johnny Medellin

you edit the videos

พี่ฟิล์ม สายตุ๋ย



dat thumbnail tho

Jessica Deatherage

I don’t understand this video

Have Hope and Faith Wooloo:

M Salmon

Que coby dropping his meg in the intro

randy oliveira

No jump street has slides where is jump street

Christian Dobis

Still the best video on youtube