Bithiri Sathi Mind Blowing Singing Performance @ Diksoochi Audio Launch

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Farah Orin


yes i'm Dutch.

Elijah Devillanueva

How do you not have a million subs yet?


Quick er then cory for finger thing

Daniela Cristina

We should realy apreciate life

s thrice

Good lord. Now I'm happy that I'll never date.


Its Boosters Tower, not Bowsers

Christian Rogers

Did anyone catch that the twin did not catch the ball through the post

Claire Lee

U guys r truly amazing


i cannot find food & stuff van since you didnt show us the location


No cryptic clues in this one but still fantastic eggs (and video of course!)


They should make a mothers edition video tooCorrected

Angelina Chohan

How many months or years is your baby

Sharman Raj

#4 trending in SG YAAAASSSSSSSS

A society where the higher your IQ the better a job you get. You get higher up the political ladder, and rewarded with jobs, high pay, according to your intelligence. This happens to an extent. Although there are people who are clever in some ways, but stupid in others. So there would need to be guarantees that these people were given power in the areas they were clever at. This happens to an extent.

Jeff .Yetter

You forgot all 500 of the funny codec conversations about boxes, scissors, and snake's "adventure" in the locker in Sons of Liberty

Jesse Teague

Jesus loves you

Jessica Fry

Can you do an updated skincare routine? I've heard you complain about SPF in the past and I have the same issue, but I don't know what to actually use that won't make me itch or burn my eyes.

Doggy Miner

4:54what is Cody doing on his laptop?

jaidyn evans

“i was a skinny little child”



Real Shit



Trending! 🤘

Me and Friend: we need to kill the creepers and zombies


Person with CF here. Just wanted to say if you have CF don't think that oh it's over for me cause it's really not CF is bad only if you think about it like that

joon’s tiddies

I hope she’s okay now


Are the baseball bats out cause i want one

Lamas Daily

Go Rogers

jean menzigian

At one camp I went to last summer I'm bisexual boy who said he would change and I told him he didn't mean to but he said he liked me and I accept him now correction I accepted him always but no one ever listen to me when I said it was a normal person it feels like every time I stand up for difference I get ignored like the ghost that doesn't even exist always breaks my heart to see people not accepting who everyone else is I think you should stand up for what you believe in even if others say your wrong

Wåĺķēř Mý Ğøđ

What will be in 2019?..