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The old man stereotype is to accurate. They’re like that about everything.

Paranormal Nomad


justin george


Jalen Lackey

fuck whatever i say the government will cross it out. as they do all my posts. i think im being hacked by the NSA

yoichi yukimura

gay intro

Cupcake s

This should be a book 10/10 would read again

Golbstalker Z

Just make the airplane's front part covering more surface area, and shoot them slowly. BTW, I really enjoyed the video

ReneeAlex Rojas

97 bullies disliked

Ryan Turton

What’s the hospital bill

Emma Kramer

I know this might be a dumb question, but is it Kermit or Cermit... I’m pretty sure it is Kermit. Don’t come after me I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just curious 🤔

Brenda Stalsby

You guys are so awesome 😎

just me okay



Abby & Angie

This should be a anime......

emo fish from spongebob

my fren abuses me physically and verbally but we're still frens cuz we're bored all the time plus shes hot but shes straight UGH

Lord Horses

Video time: 4:20 :D

Javier Alejandro Velasquez Urdaneta

Yes!!!After 5 years of the Frozen saga experience as Disney's animated film, the new chapter of the Frozen saga, "Disney's Frozen 2"!The classic voice cast of "Frozen" is back and a whole new world will begins as Beyond Arendelle!!!The Legacy continues in an all-new movie event!!So, "Frozen 2" was actually the events of the story take place after "Frozen Fever" and "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" and 5 years after the conclusions of "Frozen"?That's perfect!!!! Cause that was the chronological order of Disney's Animation Studios, such as prequel, original, midquel and sequel!!That is all! The Cold never bother me, anyway!


Deutschland won guys

(I was just saying that, but look like they even admitted it themselves so lol)

Aidan Leffler

excuse me how did you jump off the tank like that?



Cristian Flores

Thanks for the good music

2. Do you play with a gamepad to make the footage look smoother or because you are better with a gamepad?

Valeria lol

OMG I really like Harry Potter


does anyone else hear dude perflect in the intro?

beelboy 006

there is a reference of resident evil when you first encouter a zombie

Mob Mob



All this video did was make me realize how old I'm getting.

The force powers that that jedi used seem to advanced for a nobody like him? I hope that gets explained and fits well into the lore


High quality videos, been here for a while and I always love your stuff and how there's no talking in it. So calming

BEBS TrickShots

i'm a huge fan of dude perfect, and i know that there will only be a few people who will read this comment and care, but i have made some trickshots on my channel. i would truly appreciate it if anyone could stop by my channel and check them out, maybe like or leave a comment too :) Thanks for any and all support!!!

Aaron Hernandez

It’s really not that hard to spell Brian you’re retarded

Rudolfh Ongjangco

What's dude perfect all you are so awesome

Model Trains and Railfanning

It's pretty Much just all basketball.


in the net. thank you

محمد الجنابي الجنابي

I love you USA I'm from Iraq

Jon Coiro

Where is the rage monster