BJP Leader Kishan Reddy Files Nomination in Amberpet | AP24x7

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Michael Duncan



Song beginning at 11:40 anyone please

Savage Cortex

Pop out the hardest ft. NBA YOUNGBOY AND NLE CHOPPA

Cheddar Offical

the pervert part happen also, they thought i was a girl (but im not) and in the comments a person saided "you look sexy! Post yourself naked" then i sent him a picture of me without a shirt but with pants, and the people who commented said "wtf man, im not gay"

My time's frozen and I can't comprehend

Ayden Rodriguez

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Reid Herrera

Don’t feel sympathy, it’s fake

And also if you want to stand on ur own feet why sell his gifts just return them

Squid Dylan

5:01 is he okay?!?!


Canada is da best!

Gh0st B0i

Oh, boo boo, you got called out for being a homophobe. I feel,,, ‘so’ sorry for you. Eh probably those people who think they can redeploy in real life

Santana Lopez

loved the video like always keep it up guru!

Boi needs to step up his gaming for real.


u know they aint fisherman when theres backlash on the baitcaster 40 sec in

BAD-O Animations


Eric Cartman

Other ways to juge people

Clara Quinn

sory theres sticky notes on the white board

max ramler

Film in Harwich Massachusetts!!!!!!!

Rashid Mamalinta

What The Title Of Blow It up Bang @Dude Perfect +Dude Perfect ? ?!