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Edd Z

HOW the hell did anyone find the phantom bow??? (easter egg number 6)

Go hang a salami I'm a lasagna hog

Cody was wearing two Paris of shorts

Shannon Demkiw

I have the fortnite squirt gun and it Sucks!

Zsaskia Shabrina


wendy jessie




Ian Chui

5:57 Highlight question and answer right here.

I'm the only gamer in my family

Bad Weather

That green shirt that guy was wearing at the beginning... Is that an advertisement for the Robinhood app?


Is the awkwardness intentional or a persona? If intentional then it's brilliant

lily rose

go check out this cover!

Tiffany’s Studio

I'm fat but pretty

Diet Dang Water

Back in my day we didn't have depression...

Ace Shooters

Ya know Alabama won more games in that stadium in their 2015-16 season than the cowboys did in their 2015-16 season. Alabama- 2 Cowboys- 1

Diego Armando Buitrago

Face reveal!! Plz

Both of my parents are diabetic. My brother has physical and mental illnesses. My mom has MS. But they still took my mental health as seriously as they took their own health.


Why do people dislike this vid 😡


How have I never watched this video before? It got recommended 5 years later...

But what hurts the most is that the middle school didn't do shit! They were tols about many times! My dad would go into the office with me before school. I would seat there beside my father and say nothing cause my father knew about it! My mom knew about it! After school and after I walked out of school I would run! I would run straight to my dad's truck to get the fuck out of that hell! I was that scared that my bullies would come up and beat me up! They made me feel like an outcast! They made feel like that I didn't belong at the fucking school!

Santiago Panelo

dislike for panda bulling

Julius Baldwin

1:22 didnt realise he was looking at the pendant........


I'm taking Coby stats will be posted on the next dp vid

Sebastian Ong

The only channel that I watch every video


Nice man

Jack Lapolla

You'll win more coby👍👍👍👍 great job

One HR

This is actually over the garden wall

Jordan Bolin

i bet it took mor than 1 try for everything

Eli Nubel

the human controller

Justin Cumpston

Rocker night red dead was made before camp lake bottom

Ash The Akward Smart Human

Boys are lucky that they dont have to deak with this

Milkyway backup

Fav story

Daddy Longneck

Is it me or do he sound like bmo from adventure time

Ahmet Yuksel

Yok ebesinin ami

Adrian Herrera

my sister said that y'all suck


Let It Go sequel looks good

Maverick Ofisa

0:11 sounds like majin boo

Madhu Sharma

colour in water explosion

Martin Contreras

Me encanta

Braeden Duffy

marcus mariota

anthony santa

me ase recordar a mis tiempos cuanto conosi a mi primer amor :c

banana 101

Why get so mad?It's only game

Kanta Badani

Best tricksot

awsome sauce

Steven Crowder vs Vox

Paola Isita

Did team red slept in the colum


Is that Chris Paul awesome