BMW Mercedes convoy of PM Narendra Modi at Vijay Chowk

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Harry 2.0

Tyler cheated first round of marshmallow dodgeball

Isaiah Alexander

We know your name from Trinidad and Tobago🇹🇹🇹🇹 bro, positivity is life!!!

Riley Byers

Ty’s a piggy for those 🏉🏈

Yavuz Selim Çağan

i believe one of the most important things in the game is music choices. It is quite clear that these guys always choose the true music.

Oraye Emily


Garry TDB


Jay Vlogs


Incredible Gaming 2.0


Xavier Corbitt

tyler sucks

Ones when i was in grade 1 all of my classmates including my teachers daughter punched me and even my parents didn't know that.

Ilac Da nub

I mean your goodat those

I’m confuzzled

Ed Z

Do Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

LuAn BrAhImAj

Hahaha naqib aiman thinks he is better than fun with guru

The Legionnaire

is this not the actor from Shameless?

Paula Palma

Son geniales😳

candy corn girl

The title should be : I was secretly helping my bestfriend cheat and I didn't know

I had explosive diarrhea

Roblox Gamer604

Man I really want to see the panda face

j r

i love you

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soccer# arg

your stunts are amazing KEEP IT UP

Olga Molenda

That sounds so much like my last relationship. And i think maby after that video i will start looking a little bit differently on my ex boyfriend

David Krzeminski

what was the money foe the mum is for

you are the best !

Cole Rose

Rip eyebrows

Ali Alobidy

اكو عرب بل تعليقات 😁😁😂😂


When you watch the videos of someone with long intros

Jennie Kim

There are more Valuable things than getting Money 😔

Maz Maryam

Your wife should have left you

Javier Barro

How you ain’t get your boy a chain... disrespect

Trick shot a day

I came to DP least viewed video to see if they would respond to this bit it still has over 1million views so probably not 😑

spirit-howl 786

They're gonna meet their parents and you never know Tarzan might feature in the film as well




And we are watching it on our phones xddd

Richard Smith

I'm ready to die, I feel like everything in my life that I was supposed to go thru has happened I'm ready for the other side.


@Ryuzekia it looks like its curving because of how far you are and what angle you are in.

My thoughts.


minute videos

Audrey Howard

A videogame room


The english voices are shit. Ill stick with japanese with english subtitles :3

Cal Taylor

Oh my gosh Zelda looks so cute!!

john carlo

It's called the magnus effect, it occurs with baseballs, golf balls, and basketballs.

No1:Think twice before sending your picture.


What the heck

Arian hmn

It wasn't that stupid though, there are actually a great deal of indie 2d platformers out there atm, that does seems to be their go-to style of games right now.