Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga (Official Video)

Download "Shmurda She Wrote" at iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify: Music video by Bobby Shmurda performing Bobby Bitch. (C) 2014 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment#BobbyShmurda #HotNgga #Vevo


Kyle Roux Jaleco

Tyler and Kevin Love is look the same.

Da boi Sam I play fortnite

Dru Vaeono Gordon

Coby do you really have to eat so loud! Oh my gosh dude relax there dude its just candy dude !!!!!!!!!! Wow

mike toni


Awesome Knight

If they made Elsa has a avenger then Disney would be very rich


Like, who you all think gonna beat Ozuna on those $29K the last week?

Herlen Erdenebat

I like your vedyo

gacha airlines

my mom lost 3 babies




Okay why did you scream now my parents think im watching uff....

Pimp Pimp Hooray

Fall Out reference during Tom Cruise reference...

shahd taher

i love myself 💜


Michael Empric :Guiness world record adjudicator Cory Cotton:Wheel unfortunate adjudicator

Oni Danshi

The worst is part is, as she said in 2:44 , some abusers know they are hurting someone and that it is bad what they are doing, but they still do it. Sh*t

Karina Riquelme Lopez

Si hay q tener valor

doyoung’s emotions

you can just adopt a kid.

Joe Jonda

all of them are living a dream

Bas Van Duin

i am a fanboy

matias guajardo

thanks i really like to be a part of your channel and i relly enjoy your videos


Girl you did the right thing then they get touched you right in the garage you should have just slapped him in the face and tell the teacher on him


Adiós amigo jaja nice


I found the second bed by myself.


Good to see this still on trending

Matchattax And more


Tarren The Gamer

Your Easter egg videos are awesome you get a subscriber

Brooke Beaber!

Y’all should go back and do trick shots with the tree again and see how big the tree panda put in got😁

No U2

Tyler head was up a little so did he really win


In the hospital at the end of the game when you are rescuing Ellie, if you past the lit up tent in the middle of the hall on the right hand side of the hall are two rooms, the last room back has an eye chart in it that spells out "run your almost there don't give up" in the letters of the chart.

Lucia Elliott

Her brother should have gone to gail for touching her in the way he did .like huging is ok but wat he did was not ok

Ella Baker

Cen this girl read this cuz is on Serbian

Sara M.

LGBTQ+: hey, this is who I am

Beverly Joseph


Christian Red

This is so sad. Can we hit 5 likes on this video?

Please sub to get me to 1,000

1 like=1 push-up.

Maria Loaiza

Idea: what happens when you freeze dry or put in a vacuum chamber molasses

What i want to tell you guys (and girls) is that even if you don't know ur passion, nor the purpose of liefe yet, plz don't worry! You will find it sometime too! Or maybe it'l find you first! Don't give up on educating and on doing the things you love. Maybe the things u love to do is UR passion? It took me years to find mine, my whole childhood tbh. So just be pationt plase! You DO matter too! You DO have a passion! You DO belong here! Friends friends

Jack Querry


water robbers

I'm depressed and Now I kno it💯😞😢


Oh god...I can never look at the older Bond films the same way...


watch it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O. M.


Ambati Yuva Rajesh Reddy



I don't know if i should take these serious


Bro... BARS.

Kamrun Nessa

She must be embarrassed😃

Arielin Vlogs

Soy el unico que habla en español aqui xD

Soring Angel

I mostly use my phone for listening to music.

Giovanni Zamudio



dude perfect is the reason why pandas die and there are so little amount of them

Cole Doucet


Amanda Fredette

Elsa: coughs alot.“...oops...Sorry buddy, if I sound a bit horse.”The ice horse: -_-‘Elsa: O_O’

wierd ostrich studios

Lol why the fuck does he look like shaggy

Talha Hussain

KSI: Gives Deji a blanket


How is this not #1 trending

Walker Alsbrooks

They do know they didnt invent this right?

Nannels Sia

i love the rage monster

This is not even my real name

Eyh, I have one question I would like to ask: Why "Guru"?



Plot twist: its nick jonas

Robert Whale

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