Bore Drilling Machine for deep well In Agribuzz Farm

I spend 1100$ for this drilling. it is lucky that I can get water on Mountain. I think it supply enough water for my 5 hectare farm. Thanks for watching Buy Shirts Now !! : Us Youtube add :#Rig #AgriBuzz #compressor


Owen Sharp

No. Space is made of nothing, so sound can not travel through it.

Jeff Dalton

If you also notice in Rage: On the wall of the stairs is the Quake Symbol.

Doodle Pranks

It's at the end nevermind

Jerry Taglocop

My favorite is upside down flip

Fabin Morad

Yes I agree with brinnkynl

Cookie Crisps

It should’ve said worlds greatest grandma

snipermiper 777788882

he should go to............... wait

I’m definitely not a Cuber

Am I he only one who’s on team CoryYes...ok


Loving this, the music sounds wonderful and they aren't revealing much in the trailers which is the way it should be.


It’s nerf or

Lauri Karhukorpi

Not even bad first video! Respect!

They want me to let it go

Byambajav Amgalan

Unen 2018?????????

Guy: you know what

Ismat Ali

My teacher has OCD

Its Alex

Was i the only one who thought that i was watching a hunger game trailer because of the 3 notes at the start


That is dedication.

Vince Clifford Vestal

When do you release the latest version of coc?

Kush Patel

do a fortntie battle

David's Stuff


Patrice Joseph

Mom addition

[Verse 3: Chris Brown]

Jus Cal

This game wasn't a glitchy piece of dung, and it didn't try to break your bank with stupid in game transactions.  Kudos to the game devs.

No, I’m not suicidal

Tyler Games

Jesus that bus thing was so dramatic ffs just move 😂



eDeDeD gniK


I cannot believe that people have the guts

kevin Baluyot

Looks so serious....

Derp Derpington


N Owl

I used to and still am to an extent the anxious type. I had on and off love from my mum as she has and still has very stressful work; as a result would fly off into rages up about the littlest of things. These rage usually ended in her hitting, kicking or smacking me, only after verbally abusing me and telling me at the ages of 4, 5, 6 and 7 that I was a failure both as a person and as a daughter. At the time I believed her.



XJoanna _GachaX

All I can say is that your country sucks so much I feel bad for you.

Lukas Sieverding

Are u high dude?

Matt Pattison

all the girls got wet..

literally not a single soul:

Liam Ndinda

If u laughed when garret failed leave a thumbs up on this comment

Meghan Lynam

This is beautiful. I stopped 4 mins in because I was crying so much. The music and choreography and the whole production and every single person on that stage. For me theatre is utter bliss and joy and happiness and it is my whole life. I am so thankful for this video because this is the true essence of love theatre and I loved it

Spock Kirk

need new pants