Buat Aiskrim tanpa telur oleh Chef Fox Madir

Bahan-bahannya: 1 tin susu cair 2-3 sudu susu pekat - kurangkan pun tak pe..sebab nanti aiskrim tu terlalu manis la pulak..dah spoil rasanya. 1 sudu kecil esin vanilla #rotikaya#aiskrim#aiskrimtanpatelur#resepi1 sudu besar ovellet Utk extra perasa..boleh guna cokolet, durian, jagung dan lain-lain.

Slippery Fish

Do try not to sing Persona 5

Amanda Banks

Can we please talk about how cory and coby look like Myer from Impractical Jokers.

Dhruv Soni

the panda was cute


It really is needles in a hay stack.

John Sylvalie

Dude keep doing awesome stuff


I mean just grab an iron pickaxe..

Keith Rosenthal

Unbelievable!!! Great video guys!!!!!


He didn't say it was...

Tandel Pari

Make Nerf gun video

Saleh Bhatti

LOL omg that would suck so hard



Bahaha guess he won’t get that credit! Couldn’t even beat the warriors without KD!! Kawhi is great but overrated

Bailey Hirschy

2019 anyone

Chessey Breadsticks

What Cody did in the 1st round was break the frame

Unraveling Athena

im team ty. ty .

Arizona David

Versi frefire


I'd have won if I was there

Chaitali Ghosh

Well, we need to teach teenage girls to not to send nudes at all to anyone whoever demands it and also never go with people who send you messages like come at my place let's have some fun together, let's go to a date meet me at so and so place. Please don't do these at all and instead talk with your parents or teachers or friends who can help you deal with these nasty people.

Suwin Khamchaiwong


Dustin Shaw

did anyone else see panda do a X-Up?

Raelyn McLeroy

I think his name is Craig


Marshmallow Manatee

🙄 yeh right this is all true

Kendall Manning

I feel so bad for her

Alejandra Gómez

I lovie Lebrón JamesI lovie kobe briantI lovie wesbroock

Jackson Gauger

Why did the chicken go on the grill?To get roasted

Fisher Man

Your my favourite show ever

Gacha Of Marine The Wolf

I can kind of relate. I never got along with my father and my mother and father divorced. I didn’t see him for a long time. Probably not until kindergarten. Mother agreed we could go over to my fathers house on the weekends. We started having fun together until I became a tween, I had anger issues just like my dad. Oh, did I mention I had an annoying little step brother? Everytime I didn’t want to play with him my father would yell at me “Don’t make him feel left out” or something. I hated it so much, my mom even suggested I never go to his house again. It killed me. I love my father very much. I also love my mom but sometimes, in a family of 7 (including me and step-stuff) I feel all alone.

Chasebuilder 619

Who saw cody peak at 0:14

Ive watched this 100 times!! Love yall! ❤️❤️

Adara Relgnel

The girl in this video is not ONLY an introvert. She is also antisocial and it looks like she has some sort of anxiety as well. You cant lump antisocial and anxious into the definition of introvert. Reading the entire day is the equivalent of watching youtube videos for the entire day. They are both distractions. and as tempting as that is, it isn't healthy and this girl may not even be an introvert but simply suffering from deprresiona and anxiety or something that naturally causes people to want to be alone. This whole video is misguided.

Daniel Lynn

2:24 F to pay respects


U gain 1 more sub

Nix Hmar

Can you throw a shuriken? Like Sasuke 😁

Jay Zib

I wish I had a teacher like that I had to teach me by myself

Nehama W

I'm very picky with prints but actually that 1st store is so cool.


8 million almost there

Kenzie Ahrens

did anyone see the gian rat!?

I really hope she moves away from this demonic group of individuals and doesn't continue the cycle.

Aiden c

Ty is just too good at everything

Tobby killzone

That fat turd nugget is in multiplayer

Weston Allen

With that

Kênh Xe Độ 24h

Việt Nam hello

Connie Perez

I am a big fan of your videos

Spam mail

2019 anyone?