Budhivantha Daddaru (Intelligent fools) | Kannada short film with English subs | Kuchiku Studios

For collaborations contact 8147804708 (Chandrakanth Yadav)This short movie is a first attempt from our team to give you a mini cinema experience with the resources and expertise our team embodies. It started off as an technical experiment as most of us were first timers at this, but as time went by it became a more serious and a conscious effort as we realised the content what we could bring on the table. As our journey with this short movie went by, it proved us wrong many a times, it tortured us, it gave us a hope and it has taken all of us by surprise. In the end, it has got a solid entertaining story and a song. Hope it surprises you guys too.4 Intelligent fools seem to be confident yet confused, strong yet dependent, excited yet depressed, intelligent yet foolish, one thing that they have got it right is that clarity of how confused they are at any point of time. The chain of events that takes place when these characters encounters a challenging situation in their lives is what the story of the short movie is about.#KannadaShortFilm2018 #EngineeringStory #PlacementsInstagram contacts of our team:contacts of our team:


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Waiting for a Kingdom Hearts/Avengers crossover.

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Sweet after image Technique bro

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That's not a very well hidden easter egg

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This is deep

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I dropped everything to watch this. Not regret!!

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Why does your drawing look like hero from big hero 6

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i really want to sub but my parents wont let me

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i like how we came from nothing to this

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Sooo Hype

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The traffic cone looks like it was on a mission.


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Welcome back to another episode of THAT'S DOPE.


I found a easter egg in the final !!!!!!!

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Sticks and stones may break my bones and words may hurt me