Captain Prabhakaran | Vijayakanth,Sarathkumar,Rubini | Superhit Tamil Movie HD

Watch Full HD Movie Captain Prabhakaran is aTamil-language Indian action film directed by R. K. Selvamani. It features Vijayakanth in the lead role. It also features Mansoor Ali Khan, Rupini, and Ramya Krishnan, while R. Sarathkumar appears in a small role. It was Vijayakanth's 100th film, after which he earned the nickname "captain".The character of the antagonist Veerabhadran, played by Mansoor Ali Khan, is loosely based on the forest brigand Veerappan.Captain Prabhakaran (Vijayakanth) is an IFS officer (Indian Forest Service) sent to Sathyamangalam to nab Veerabhadran (Mansoor Ali Khan) who tortures the people of that place. Prabhakaran is not only going to nab Veerabhadran, but also avenge the death of his friend Rajaraman IFS (R. Sarathkumar) who was a forest officer killed by Veerabhadran. The police commissioner and the district collector are corrupt and also support Veerabhadran. In the climax, Veerabhadran kidnaps Prabhakaran's wife and son. Prabhakaran arrives at the right time and saves his wife and son. He then nabs Veerabhadran. Poongudi (Ramya Krishnan) was Rajaraman's lover. She dies while giving birth to his child. Veerabhadran is shot dead by the corrupt inspector and collector. Prabhakaran kills both of them. He is then dragged to court for killing the police inspector and the collector. Prabhakaran tells the truth that they were corrupt, and the film ends with Prabhakaran being released from the court.

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