Cardi B "Drip" ft. Migos (Music Video)

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Evan Gaudet

I have a ton of issues with this video already that I wish you guys went into detail about. Like the relative increase in cancer risk vs absolute, and the fact that the lipid hypothesis was never proven to be true. And a lot of these statistics come from research that have poor controls. For example when we compare red meat eaters to vegans we see that vegans live longer. But when we take out smokers and add exercise to the controls, we see that red meat eaters and vegans have the same mortality rate. When talking about a 27% increase in cancer risk, we're talking about a relative increase. So if your risk of colon cancer is 1%, you add .27 to that 1%, so your risk of colon cancer is now 1.27%, NOT 27%!!! Huge difference. Those numbers aren't correct, I didn't bother to look them up, but the point is 100% correct.

Abraham Gomez


Max Stevenson

hey dp i think you guys should do a battle if ty looses he will have to shave his beard

Maddy Reimer


me: *takes pic with clothes on, takes off when sending, and putting it back on*. what? i did it!

Jacob Hoffmeister

Favorite song... when the school ends.

Uncle Dolphin

anyone watching in 2016?

The Feels

I love the colors!




Artistic Shaunak

Can you make a video on football cone flip


Infamous Robot Gamer

Cody the camper wins it all


thanks guru ;)


Why u so These käme fake Vida?

reden ocampo


Ole Brum


D. Diolin

Look at police! Like a boss Lol



Shreya Rawat

Sheldon Cooper of social interaction

JV GAMING Alan becker

Panda is garret

xd soul

poor panda. he was just trying to clean . and you shot him in the nuts!


i love that you have easter eggs in your easter egg videos. such a fun idea. bless up.


ok wtf there are so much better easter eggs than your stupid number one -_-


Space Needle :D


Has anyone notice in one of the commercials for The Secret Life of Pets, one of the pets were dressed as a Minion

Karl Sweeney

Was that a hippocampus in the water with Elsa? If so, does that mean that Greek mythology is part of the Frozen universe?


Lord of the Rings was too easy


I want a star wars game were I can be bad ass sith if I want and cut people in half horizontally and vertically also decapitate mofos and cut their arms and legs off.

Mandy Maione

that's so big!

ravindra gundala

garrets baseball fail

Crack face Stick 69

Wow Netflix ads before the content begin

Wendi Cedotal Paetz

Yall make me feel happy

Her: we are over because you choked me once.

PLE Chiropractic

im surprised you guys didnt get tased.

Squidy 2874

You can’t hear in space because air water and other things that can vibrate can make sound however there is no air in Space so vibrations cannot be heard

Não Tenho Nome

3:45 "meu deus, meu bebê é um curupira" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Kobe Bradshaw

You are great

Courtney Roblox

My mom time she actually stoped for a couple months and I Thought Finally! But After I Discovered she restarted!🙁

Alex Alley

Purple hoses fan

Also, isn’t sexual Harassment illegal????

Anthony Dlugosz

Tyler you can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish but if you were to tune a piano you could tuna does a dinosaur tuna piano but he can't because he has short hands cuz he's a T-Rex


Proff the earth is round 3:06

Anthony Novais e moizes lacerda canal de musicas

De bruyne

KC Korpe

This was awesome

Leticia Jaimez

How much money did you guys spent on that video the rage monster is really funny that he slammed that tree

Raul Escudero

whats the song dp

fan pop




Erica S

So glad she picked the orange swimsuit. Looks great on her

Camdyn Lapointe

Team ty