Carlo Cocina: Pan de avena multigrano

Sana y nutritiva receta en CNN Chile.

Noah Markunas

if anybody should be on a Dude Perfect video it's Patrick Kane.

Beth Halpain

Love you dawg!

Szabó Dániel

You're a crazed genius

mary ruiz

i love you guys

Adventures Guruji

The best fail was garret the epic baseball fail

Clara Shinn

Do more of the second segment!

Moe Bee

Happy birthday Bunny and Marbles!

Bailey Watson

Long leg gang wya?

Lynnsee Buhl

Me watching this for the 100th time still can’t go over the fact that jungkook is cuddling hoseok at the end and the fact that most of these were probably filmed by Jimin

Easter eggs from video games and movies this coming Halloween?


pretend i said something funny and like this comment pls and ty


U are matherfucker

Ghost Phoenix


Luis PP

I fuck with gunna not really with baby tho

Candace Cassidy

I honestly wish that would happen to my middle sister but she sacrifices almost anything except money. She won't take a job or any salary a new home get married. She will except money and that's all. She wants to leave a legacy to her daughter. But the car in the backyard she refuses to sell it. Because a gentleman who helped her get it. If she sells it the gentleman will see it at someone else's home. Then he will be mad at her. So she can't sell the white car in the backyard. But if she sold the car parts in it then it wouldn't be so bad. But she won't do it.


let the big dog eat

Andrew Mouser

Anyone 2018

Simione Corbett


Emanuel Arellano


Alvin Magdalinski

The rage monster never fails to make me laugh myself silly🤣

Pro_ Gaming_aj

Lol that end part though

Alex Arctic

can you friend me on xbox one my gt is Arctic Toxins

Dj Erickson

Master100Mind he was a qb

Immortal Natives

I knew the Home Alone one wasn't real! But very clever stuff lol