Chevella Election Results Live Updates | TRS lead

Chevella Election Results 2019 Live Updates | TRS lead


jesus christ

Is when I win a game called capten ball against his team


That "No!" at 0:40 made me spit out my coffee


Noel really got flow and it’s amazing

Irvine is actually Mr. Wallace from FF7

Christin K

I don't understand the beginning. How did she get there, and where is the connection to the abusive mom?

Wai Chan

Turn into arceus

David Zhang

ayyyyyy san diego

PaulAnthonyWalker Podcast

Low key racists


That meat popsicle scared the SHIT OUTTA ME

Henry Laird

I know I will get destroyed in the comments for saying this but.....We made the language first so...Your wrong not us🤴🖕🇬🇧Britain 100(This is a joke)

Samuel Lupien

Cory: I am going to win! they are the white walkers looking down on the guy who could defeat them all with fire


People gotta learn not to fuck wit NLE Choppa

I likes this videos.

Sub to die

This is the most American video ever...

something someone

So sad

Ransom: Hold my twin glocks

Barbara Gonzalez

Congrats 😍❤️ 😘🤗


This girl and Rebecca are manipulators,bullies,etc. He asked me out...


Where's coby