हिरेश सिन्हा-CHHATTISGARHI SONG-माँ का प्यार-NEW HIT CG LOK GEET HD VIDEO2017-AVM-STU-9301523929

ENJOY THIS WONDERFUL CHHATTISGARHISONG ALBUM - MAA KA PYAR - THE BEST LOK GEET 2017अगर आप छत्तीसगढ़ी गीत संगीत कों पसंद करते हे तो PLZ हमारे इस चैनल को subscribe करे KK CASSETTE- MAA KA PYARSinger - HIRESH SINHA, JEETESHWARI SINHASONG WRITER - JEETESHWARI SINHAPRODUCER -HEMANT KHUNTEMusic - AMIT PRADHANDirector - DEEPAK KURREYARTIST - HIRESH SINHA, JITESHWARI SINHA, KAMLESH SAHU, SHREE KANT VERMA, MANISHA CAMERAMAN- SHESH NISHAD, DEEPAK KURREYGRAPHICS- SHESH NISHAD, DEEPAK KURREYEDITOR- DEEPAK KURREYRecording - AVM Audio & Video Studio, Khamtarai, Raipur (C.G)Recordist - Rakesh Kurrey 09301523929Audio Mastring - Santosh KurreyPost Production - AVM Studio, Khamtarai , Raipur (C.G)093015239291- हमारे फेसबुक पेज को लाइक करे AVM GANA -हमारे चैनल को subscribe करे 1-AVM GANA - CASSETTE -HINDIफेसबुक पेज को Follow करे संतोष कुर्रेMore Chhattisgarhi LOK GEETSubscribe This Chhannel -


You are funny and I love your videos. Keep it going

Katie Cripe

why was number 3 a like to buy.....

snowy rowlet

But good story

De'onteay Fulton

24 bounces

Hatsumi Gacha


Samuel & Waddles

You should do a that's lit battle

80 Slim Shady's

You can tell this person knows nothing about nutrition and just did some basic google searches and believed the first thing they found, you can't become a nutritionist or doctor by believing basic google searches, the medical industry and its knowledge goes deeper than that. So much false statements in this.

Adoption is an option.

Tech 4 you

Who else is from 2018


play it 1.5 faster

Twenze penguin

3:51 hahasahaahahahahahahahaahaha

The exact same one.

Fatimah Wati

You are my favourutevideo

Laurie M. Sadler

2019 anyone?

Little Lemon

I tOugHT iT WAs thE GoD BeCAUse oF thE thUMBnaiL.


Where are the others?

Also no matter how many times I watch the Jango clip I don't see him hitting his head... It looks like he just ducks...

Cristian J. Chigbolu

Lol Ryan

Mark Bosshardt

Giants should draft him

The Phantom Gamer

Mw3 kinda messed up

zoem zoem

Kevin de bruyne is from belgium and im from belgium

Samuel Knowlton

Anybody watching this in 2020

Ashley Weidner

How in the world does her daughter have orange hair

Will Merrill

Man, I wonder if this dude can actually play ball. I'd pick him in a pick-up game




you should see what they do know its insane!!!

Georgia Landree

Noel’s sexy voice makes him taller. In a sense


Admiral Firefox


lps yellow

9:18 " and I could do nothing"



Zulx TC

That's a sky ranch !!

Fangirl Me

This gives me let it shine vibes

Kevin Alfputra

2015 ?? Anyone ..... or am i the only one who explore this channel and watch all bug & easter eggs moments ..... ?

Sage Davis



LBJ is the mother fucking MAN!

I lost over 10 pounds and now everyone is telling me to gain weight. What the hell. I struggled for nothing. ( u may say 10 pounds arent a lot but for me are because i was over 110 pounds and now im 100)

Khaled Saeed

Where's khabib in the longest win streak?

Luis Oyola

discovered you because of a friend

Laura Adriance

Those 3d models were cool

Harmony Woolsey

I lost

Michael Nelson

Can I really catch a fart on fire

Koko Mmc

Glog 😂

ShrekDaddy445 V2

The polar express is the train from back to the future part 3 confirmed.

MuddyRuffian 129


Karen Nicolas

I feel like the popular girl is always the hoe:/

draws straight dark hair


Matthew Frey - WPC-C

Anyone else notice that Garrett kicked twice (The way the ball flies changes between camera cuts)

Wtf??? I need to get my shit together because I thought i was 10 when it came out.. holy sugar honey iced tea

This is everyone 1 like=anything you want

Kermit The Frog


plazma playzxX

I feel so bad imagine having monsters around you're bed or anything else in the book of horrifying things time the first minute i see one of those things I'ma bout to be like nope!

Devious J

He walks than the Flash can run dog.


watch swag swishin trick shots or TTJx4TW!like comment or subscribe


How long has it been since you guys have upload a trickshot vids???

Don't know if it means anything, but I was pretty hyped when i noticed !

Fortnite Moments

Still 👍👍👍