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not to offend anybody,but in my opinion this part is a giant piece of shit.

Dinidu Samaranayake

Honestly it’s both of their fault, but mostly her bf. She sent the nudes and her bf shared it.

Jackson Sandhoff

Video with tiger woods 😍😍😍

Keon Ulrich Castillo

Anyone still watching in 2019?? Like! l lV


0:50 3:23 is me lol everytime

Dipesh Kanth


Miisty's A Sinner.

The Royalty free music in the beginning as you first explain Ditto and Mewtwo a lowkey a bop. What's it called?

Videos Of Awesomeness

Damn u got everything right on the spot

Alohomora -

Capt. America : i want to restore all of the infinity stoneElsa and the gangs : i'm in

Joseph Bisesi

Anyone watching this March 2019?

Rowan Khanna

That Jason is like a Tokyo Ghoul's SS rated ghoul Jason (Yamori)

from their live

Naten Le

i just noticed this was made in 2017Time passes so fast

Yeah........ but I know it's gonna get better😁


OH WOW instead of actually FIXING and DEALING with climate change, LEtS BUiLD WaLl


7:50 "gurus kids ggroceries nice easter egg guru! keep up the good work!

Or are they just easter eggs that tend to go unnoticed?

Deborah Novita

Coll man

Typical Silina

BITCH ITS 2019!!!

Me: I figured I was, 😰

Ringo Motobayashi

"*life was finally getting better for us*"

Helix Vfx

Great editing as always but right when I saw what was in that wardrobe I was like

Michael Jackson

Why theres dislike for dp videos

Fesh 228

>Magikarp used Max Splash

Grounds man J



Part 2?


You guys are FUCKIN amazing!!!!!!!!

Edit: let me rip this man apart.

J .Silver

my life if over


Sick vid!!! Do some Siri Easter eggs!!!

Claudio Costumato

Hi, can i take your video to put it in my video.ranking of the best bugs of battlefield 3?? I will write your name in the video. =)


0:47 u know you risked burning the grass and maybe even yourselves for that trickshot

2.Gta Sa

Abraham Jo

stephen curry

Kate Kowalewski

You should make more videos I’ve watched all of them


It's sad to see someone with an iq of less than 100 have so much. Congrats retards, for giving people with so little to offer everything in the world.

Sabrina Doll


Hannalyse Hudson

Holy Sheetlook at CodyAnd I know I’M LATE